Monday, 8 January 2018

Count your blessings

"If material things are what you are talking about when you say i am blessed, You have no idea what a blessing is. "

Yes, its weird coming from a shopaholic like me :) but isn't it correct. We all or I must say- most of us have what we need to live our lives. Its just that we want more, something more and that list never ends.
We get something we wanted , and we develop a liking for something else. Its good to have your thoughts in sync, to move ahead, to wish and make your own wishes come true. But there is no way, those wishes can define your happiness.

One thing I learned from observing people is that we wish for these material things and act crazy for them when we believe there is something missing in the life. Something more meaningful, something you believe you should have got as a right or something you really deserve. It could be being alone, losing someone, not having that dream job, just anything.  And we use these material things to just fill in those gaps. To feel complete.

I am aware that it is easy to say but damn hard to believe in  and work upon, but this new year I have planned on counting my actual blessings, well the count is quite high just as the number of people i love, who loves me back even more.
Hmm... they all won't cross the fire for me, but I know they will wait for me on the other side with a blanket and ointment :).
<--Happy New Year-->


Well its never easy, but see here i am. I have been away from my blog for so long, can't really remember when i actually wrote 2 posts...