Thursday, 26 May 2016

Love has its ways...Marriage is one of them :p

Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you... True. 

No matter how long you search for that click, your someone special, it will happen when it is bound to happen. And there is someone for everyone-people say that. So just chill, go ahead, enjoy the days, weeks, months and years until you feel that click, and babes its gonna change after that.

Just like every other thing in this world, love and marriage have their own two sides :O you are going to break that heart of yours, before you actually have someone worth sharing it with.
People say you give your heart to someone, well that is  not just true. You will realize when you both will be learning together about your lives building into one- there is still some hurt every now and then you feel in your chest. :)
Its not giving your heart to someone, its like sharing a part of yours. 
i guess, It should be a truly wonderful feeling, having someone in your life, by your side. No matter what happens always ready to step in for you. Loving you unconditionally, accepting the way your are, your imperfections are their perfect dreams. You know there is someone, you can always look forward to, Someone with whom you can share your most dramatic side, your daring and crazy dreams.Marriage is more like a stamp to that commitment. its like having a permanent partner in crime, just not that perfect at times, maybe :) but its worth all the pain and effort as they say. 

But when talking about what we are expecting from that person, we forget that same thing is expected from us.
Marriage- its more like a basic necessity in our world :( something that you are bound to do, and matter what you want...
How come someone decided that everyone has to get married? i mean may be not everyone wants to... loving someone doesn't mean that you are ready to change it all... its a life changing decision, for both. And looking at people you can see how challenging it really is...Its like giving up everything you have for the dreams of that small little world... 

Wrapping up my rants with a prayer- i hope dreams do come true :)
(i hope it all makes sense :P)

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