Thursday, 7 April 2016

Its a loss :(

The news is all over the social media, one more celebrity suicide... Or was it a murder
Its sad, to see one more soul lost in vain. 
Death of an individual is never just about that person, its about all the people surrounding, families, friends, Aquitaines, and even the hello-hi buddies. The person has died, but the others-they have to live with the truth that the person is no longer with them.

They need to know the truth, and yes they deserve to but why cant we leave them alone,,, its like everyone has a view that they are sharing on the social media- People are taking all kind of benefits they could ever take, and even at her deathbed, their game is not over. 

Its really sad looking at how we all have turned out- the attention seekers. we cant even let the family of deceased mourn in peace. 
And for suicides, the number is rising...for us the common people as well... but why??? how come we as a society are  so weak that we cannot help our people getting over their tough times? How come all the friends that come to news conferences now, couldn't read her thoughts, couldn't help her out of the pit she was in. 

Why is it that we are so far, so busy in our lives that we don't know about the person crying in the next room. 

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