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Women's day it is !

First of all a Happy- belated -Women Day to all the beautiful, intelligent,crazy,charming,bitchy women out there :), and the people who are there for them getting on their nerves, and handling their tantrums when they need you to.

On this day, everyone was like-why? why there is a day for females :O and why not for males? don't we deserve a day of our own :O  Well guys, you gotta earn it :P

Frankly speaking i do not believe in the celebration of this one day, its just like the way our society already  is- showering them with love and prayers on one day, and barring them from all the basic necessary rights on other.
There was a time when we read stories about these weird customs, from around the world and we were could they??? and these days its so normal, like that day i read about this old Indian tradition (still being followed), where the elder ladies of the house burn the breasts of the young girls, more like hitting them in the chest with a hot -super hot wooden something- so that they do not look appealing to the guys out there with the sole purpose- to avoid them getting raped or harassed.
Well recent history has proved that it just doesn't matter who the girl is, what she is, what she is wearing,who she is with...she is just a piece of flesh for the guy eyeing for her.
And as per the statistics its not just about being a girl , even  boys are not spared. (We do need a men's day for that matter)

Is it even a bit humane? Are we still not ashamed of ourselves? Well i am.

We as women do not, i repeat- do not want any additional rights...all we want is the equality. We want the same basic and additional rights in our dear society. We want to be able to roam freely whenever we want to, where ever we want to, with whoever we want to, wearing what ever we want to, without being called a slut and getting stripped/tortured/harassed through the eyes, to say the least.
Is it something we can get, then lets celebrate this day/week/month/year whatever you say, else just stay out of the way.


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