Monday, 29 February 2016

And one more year has passed...

Yes, Now i am almost done with one more year of my life :) its not sad or juice-less as it sounds. It has been heck of an year. Its like i have really lived these 365 days or 8760 hours, as i must say. I feel like i have grown with each minute of it. 

I am more close to my parents, my siblings, have more understanding of their griefs and happiness. Have got to know relationships, friendships,sisterhood even better, still a long way to go.

Still looking for the true meaning of this life, i have wandered to several places, within or out of this city. i have acted like a total maniac, super crazy, calm as a monk. Its like trying to write my own future my way to  letting the time and fate take over.

I am still asking the same old questions, just my expectations- answers has changed.
Like, even when i was in college, we friends used to ask each other, what will you do if something happens to me?
and our expectations were-"Don't be like that(dramatic of-course), we love you, i won't let anything happen to you...blah blah blah.
And now what we expect is. First and foremost-->First Aid and then informing brother/sister and not the parents directly, to have each other's emergency contact numbers at hand.

Its like we have a better understanding of how things actually work, its like being familiar with letting go of things, even your favorite ones. Its like we care for each other but in our own practical ways, while taking care of the deep shit we are in by ourselves. 

Talk, talk talk...i so love to talk. So this one year too i dedicate to my talking. i hope in the coming year of my life, I talk more, travel even more and get what all i deserve :) as i believe i have already waited enough ;P
Cheers to the next year :)

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