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And one more year has passed...

Yes, Now i am almost done with one more year of my life :) its not sad or juice-less as it sounds. It has been heck of an year. Its like i have really lived these 365 days or 8760 hours, as i must say. I feel like i have grown with each minute of it. 
I am more close to my parents, my siblings, have more understanding of their griefs and happiness. Have got to know relationships, friendships,sisterhood even better, still a long way to go.
Still looking for the true meaning of this life, i have wandered to several places, within or out of this city. i have acted like a total maniac, super crazy, calm as a monk. Its like trying to write my own future my way to  letting the time and fate take over.
I am still asking the same old questions, just my expectations- answers has changed. Like, even when i was in college, we friends used to ask each other, what will you do if something happens to me? and our expectations were-"Don't be like that(dramatic of-course), we love you, i won…

And its valentine again

Valentine is just around the corner, and this year too it will be a day of celebration for me,  i am gonna get a bouquet and a present for my parents,for their  marriage anniversary.
frankly speaking that is the wild card i have, kind of a back-out plan.

Sometimes i feel that this whole month of February makes me sad, as if it is meant to be just for couples. People are giving roses, chocolates, teddy's and what not, I don't mind looking at some slaps or kicks, but that are seldom :( . Going out on one of these days makes you look at yourself in the mirror and make you wonder: what is wrong with me? It feels like everyone is with someone, enjoying, gifting, playing, dancing.
And with that i wonder what my future-better-half is doing right now :O is he too busy celebrating, or is he too sitting in his cozy room watching re-runs of his favorite TV shows.

Truly speaking, being single is amazing, when i look at the perks of being me...i fell more and more in love with myself, my …