Friday, 20 November 2015

Regrets... Na, Not for me :)

Life is a journey, a beautiful one. Of course there are some pebbles on the way, some ragged bridges to be crossed. Sometimes its like a melody, the songs being played are exactly your taste, and at others you just have to make peace with what you get.

Starting with your family and friends, there comes a time when you have to switch lanes, no matter you want that or not. You chose a lane, or someone gives you the address, and you just start dragging yourself towards it.Well there are several ways to reach to that one destination you have set for yourself, and its up to you, which way you chose and the co-passengers whom you allow to enter your vehicle, its all your choice.

No matter what you chose, what you let in with you on the way, make sure  its all worth it in the end. Its just that when you look back at the journey- the smiles, the love what you got, what you became. You may not be crazy about everything you have at hand but ensure that you don't regret anything.

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