Sunday, 23 August 2015

why friendship is not enough?

Life is a crazy ride. You start with a shelter and move on, to different stations, new people getting on and the old ones saying goodbye. Some of them you may never see again,and others you have already planned to have tea with at the next intersection. And then may be some day,any day of this journey you may find someone who is gonna be there on the next seat throughout the journey. No matter how many times you want to throw that person out,but the person is there to stay. Well seems like a good thing, having a seat mate, someone to talk to, someone you can bank upon.
But what about the rest of passengers? Why do people just leave the others unnoticed so that they could just look for that special one. Taking the sheet-the checklist in hand,they just start on...finding the match,investing a Lil of their time with them, and then a farewell.
Why do we keep on looking for the matches and enjoy the journey. Why do we forget the tea plans we have planned with the people we met. Why do we make it just about that person.

Well I do not understand this world, I understand that you can't go and talk to all the strangers, but can't see how a smile can hurt. So busy in searching and chosing out for that mate, we just don't see the person sitting next.
When you were busy counting down the matched columns of your checklist,for someone who may or may not be the one, you lost one of those with whom you shared the best of your journeys with.

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