Monday, 31 August 2015

The End, is it really :)

What to do when something ends,something that you actually like. Feeling sad, experiencing that void, getting scared of moving on. We all are. 
We all spend those restless nights, yes those sleepless ones, thinking about what we cannot do anymore, or the people we cannot be with. 

Well this 6 year old has a nice solution, which i am surely gonna try.
His story goes like this-there was a mouse and a bear,who met and really liked each other's company :) they went to swimming pool, the mouse was afraid, he was just testing the waters(like literally) and the bear just jumped into the water.
He took his friend with him, swam with mouse on his back. Took care of him, helped him with  first of his water plays.
And then it was winter and the pool was closed. They were sad, like really sad, they badly wanted to go into the pool and play. 

To this the little boy says that he is also sad when he wants to do something and its closed, but then he just thinks about the things he like. :) like cookies (damn chocolate chip cookies), juice,also Piano shaped cookies.

He says "Scared is scared of things you like" :) like when he is afraid of monsters, he thinks of pizza :)

So true his words are. When we have to go through something that we do not like, or something that we do no have any control on, its okay to get sad. But then just think about the stuff you still have and can have, the stuff you like. 

And do not worry about his cute friends, they are enjoying their winters to the fullest :) 

Link to his story :)

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