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The End, is it really :)

What to do when something ends,something that you actually like. Feeling sad, experiencing that void, getting scared of moving on. We all are. 
We all spend those restless nights, yes those sleepless ones, thinking about what we cannot do anymore, or the people we cannot be with. 

Well this 6 year old has a nice solution, which i am surely gonna try.
His story goes like this-there was a mouse and a bear,who met and really liked each other's company :) they went to swimming pool, the mouse was afraid, he was just testing the waters(like literally) and the bear just jumped into the water.
He took his friend with him, swam with mouse on his back. Took care of him, helped him with  first of his water plays.
And then it was winter and the pool was closed. They were sad, like really sad, they badly wanted to go into the pool and play. 

To this the little boy says that he is also sad when he wants to do something and its closed, but then he just thinks about the things he like. :) like cookies…


He woke up, with a terrible headache. Opening eyes seemed like the most difficult task. All he wanted was to get a coffee, stay in his bed all day and may be just may be cry a little.
He got up, looked around, there were people around, starting with their daily chores, unaware of a stranger sleeping on roadside, just like other homeless people,he crossed by each day. He smiled thinking about it.

Leaving his home, the one he had brought with his hard earned money, his car - which finally was his after 2 years of hard work, he almost gave up everything else to cover the installments.
He started to walk again, just like he did yesterday and the day before.

why friendship is not enough?

Life is a crazy ride. You start with a shelter and move on, to different stations, new people getting on and the old ones saying goodbye. Some of them you may never see again,and others you have already planned to have tea with at the next intersection. And then may be some day,any day of this journey you may find someone who is gonna be there on the next seat throughout the journey. No matter how many times you want to throw that person out,but the person is there to stay. Well seems like a good thing, having a seat mate, someone to talk to, someone you can bank upon.
But what about the rest of passengers? Why do people just leave the others unnoticed so that they could just look for that special one. Taking the sheet-the checklist in hand,they just start on...finding the match,investing a Lil of their time with them, and then a farewell.
Why do we keep on looking for the matches and enjoy the journey. Why do we forget the tea plans we have planned with the people we met. Why do we …

random thoughts

Sometimes life is harsh on us,and just like everyone else we are afraid of the thunder inside and outside.

Not having a choice is not the worst part,but making one is,when there is so much to loose. All you want is to be buried into your bed,forget about the world and dream.

you know that one day, you will have to make a choice, or maybe the time and world will make that for you, or may be you yourself will. And then you will take on the way ahead with the happiness or sorrows whatever it brings.

you will take on the way ahead with the happiness or sorrows whatever it brings.