Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Bond

Well yes, i tried to think about it, about something that is motivating enough, anything that inspires me, the things that keep us going. i scrolled through the facebook posts, youtube videos and dozen more sites, just to find the similar stories, some maybe a little different, i looked around- for the people who are successful and the ones who are still trying to be...well i thought about anything and everything that i could get my hands on.

Finally after deep-deep thought i realized, the main point of motivation, the one thing that actually keeps me going, that  keeps the zest for this particular life :O alive:  is the people with whom I share it.

They are the ones who actually give me a reason to live, to cry, to smile, to be angry, to be patient enough, to carry on, to stop and relax.
And the good thing is I am one of them. Whatever we do in this short span of life, is for these people and with these people.
They say no one is permanent in your life, but-- that is a myth, that we believe so hard in, and stop working towards proving it a lie. the bonds we share with them are the ones that depict what we are, define us, our presence, and stays with us forever and ever.

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