Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Random Musings

Today while getting ready for the office, i realized something.
i looked in for the black pair of jeans, and found the one slim fit, low waist denim, the one that was almost an every day wear for me in my college time. i used to have one such pair at all times.
Some issue with one, will immediately go and buy the new one...exactly the same.
And now i haven't worn it for almost a year.
I asked myself-Why? 

And i replied myself- Well Babes, its been another +1 to your age and  now you are  drawn towards the more comfortable options. You have left these jeans with  another pile of clothes,  that have  unknowingly  taken the back seat in your wardrobe.

With that, i thought of so many other things/habits that are now a part of my life, and the ones that i have pick ed up consciously or otherwise :O

Like sleeping at 11:00 pm (Haww) i seriously cannot believe myself.
i was so famous for being a late sleeper, and now its like "Come-on its already 10:30, where is my bed, let me get my beauty sleep"
And then getting up at 7- can't believe that one either. An if it was 12:30 instead of 11:30 the previous night, get ready for the drowsy and grumpy version of mine.

Eating out was like my second love, of-course novels being the first. Even at home we would be like- Mommy chinese/south indian/italian today.
And now even at restaurants- lets order Indian :)

Previously it was always-"But i don't like it", and now its- "Ah i have to / i should / i ought to".

Frankly speaking, it may sound lame but i really do like this new version more. its much better, wiser,mature and equally cranky :)

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