Thursday, 23 July 2015

Legally Blonde

Beautiful isn't she :)Beauty with brains. A courageous young woman, who is intelligent,charming,fabulous,crazy and equally adorable- blonde(not that it matters,but for the sake of the title) who  is hopelessly in love with this beautiful man(yes I used beautiful for a guy, well he looks good, but I didn't feel like calling him handsome-i am so into this movie). Who dumps her because he has got into Harvard law and now he needs someone more with brains and not some beauty queen(that is how he feels :o, well I felt kinda same for first 15 minutes into this film, and after that I simply adore her.

The best thing is - what she is ready to do for him. 

A lil overview- She gives in her days and nights to studying and finally gets into Harvard law, just to find out he has someone else in his life now.

This is one of the movies in my feel-good-list, a permanent part of my desktop. 

Watch this movie to realize- love may be one of the best parts of this life,but it's not everything. 
Sometimes life takes you through shitty paths and rusty roads. But you will live it and you will live it well :)

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