Thursday, 23 July 2015

Legally Blonde

Beautiful isn't she :)Beauty with brains. A courageous young woman, who is intelligent,charming,fabulous,crazy and equally adorable- blonde(not that it matters,but for the sake of the title) who  is hopelessly in love with this beautiful man(yes I used beautiful for a guy, well he looks good, but I didn't feel like calling him handsome-i am so into this movie). Who dumps her because he has got into Harvard law and now he needs someone more with brains and not some beauty queen(that is how he feels :o, well I felt kinda same for first 15 minutes into this film, and after that I simply adore her.

The best thing is - what she is ready to do for him. 

A lil overview- She gives in her days and nights to studying and finally gets into Harvard law, just to find out he has someone else in his life now.

This is one of the movies in my feel-good-list, a permanent part of my desktop. 

Watch this movie to realize- love may be one of the best parts of this life,but it's not everything. 
Sometimes life takes you through shitty paths and rusty roads. But you will live it and you will live it well :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Random Musings

Today while getting ready for the office, i realized something.
i looked in for the black pair of jeans, and found the one slim fit, low waist denim, the one that was almost an every day wear for me in my college time. i used to have one such pair at all times.
Some issue with one, will immediately go and buy the new one...exactly the same.
And now i haven't worn it for almost a year.
I asked myself-Why? 

And i replied myself- Well Babes, its been another +1 to your age and  now you are  drawn towards the more comfortable options. You have left these jeans with  another pile of clothes,  that have  unknowingly  taken the back seat in your wardrobe.

With that, i thought of so many other things/habits that are now a part of my life, and the ones that i have pick ed up consciously or otherwise :O

Like sleeping at 11:00 pm (Haww) i seriously cannot believe myself.
i was so famous for being a late sleeper, and now its like "Come-on its already 10:30, where is my bed, let me get my beauty sleep"
And then getting up at 7- can't believe that one either. An if it was 12:30 instead of 11:30 the previous night, get ready for the drowsy and grumpy version of mine.

Eating out was like my second love, of-course novels being the first. Even at home we would be like- Mommy chinese/south indian/italian today.
And now even at restaurants- lets order Indian :)

Previously it was always-"But i don't like it", and now its- "Ah i have to / i should / i ought to".

Frankly speaking, it may sound lame but i really do like this new version more. its much better, wiser,mature and equally cranky :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Wow :) What an amazing movie.

A good change from the blood baths and the sword fights :) this time i am talking about Hercules :)

It feels so good to watch such an emotional and realistic movie from time to time, you get to stay in touch with your true-self :)

So cute :) the guy and his son,  so much love they possess for each other, was it this way from the very beginning...nah :O This awesome rock-star met a sweet angelic girl for the first time, and yup their lives are messed up pretty badly. She decided to have the baby anyway and then one day she is afraid and so terrified  , she just handed the little guy over to the big guy  :D and he so surprised, with the unwanted and sudden visit , that changed not just his life but him :) 


Well, life has a way to teach us all, and its the decision/way we chose that decide where we will be. Sometimes the choices are so nerve-wreck-ingly difficult but  its all worth in the end.

Frankly, i wanted a different end to their story, but if it works for them, its fine with me as well :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Girls and Mood Swings...

Looks like synonyms, we are the gender who can reach from the highest of mountains to the lowest of the grounds in no me, in no time.

The anger tide, shower of love, hatred,desire, peaceful avatar, and what not!

Well i am not purely a feminist, but this is something i give a +2 to all the girls . One for the pain and the other one for the stress, yes lots and lots of stress. No matter how much we try to empower these creatures :P , the basic nature is always in a circle... mood swings come and go, the lovable, adorable and the patient friend to the daemon with most violent streak

The Bond

Well yes, i tried to think about it, about something that is motivating enough, anything that inspires me, the things that keep us going. i scrolled through the facebook posts, youtube videos and dozen more sites, just to find the similar stories, some maybe a little different, i looked around- for the people who are successful and the ones who are still trying to be...well i thought about anything and everything that i could get my hands on.

Finally after deep-deep thought i realized, the main point of motivation, the one thing that actually keeps me going, that  keeps the zest for this particular life :O alive:  is the people with whom I share it.

They are the ones who actually give me a reason to live, to cry, to smile, to be angry, to be patient enough, to carry on, to stop and relax.
And the good thing is I am one of them. Whatever we do in this short span of life, is for these people and with these people.
They say no one is permanent in your life, but-- that is a myth, that we believe so hard in, and stop working towards proving it a lie. the bonds we share with them are the ones that depict what we are, define us, our presence, and stays with us forever and ever.


Well its never easy, but see here i am. I have been away from my blog for so long, can't really remember when i actually wrote 2 posts...