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be glad to be yourself :)

saw this quote,and couldn't stop myself from sharing it here.

the first few years of our lives are spent playing with the toys, the fake and the unrealistic ones. we are so used to looking for the beauty that we have no place for the average and even normal things in our lives.

living in society like ours, its more like a everyday thing to hear- oh she is so fair-so beautiful.
or oh he is so ugly!
i mean what the hell!

but yes this is how we people think these days, or we always did- but are bold to say it out aloud now. this is how we are asked to live our lives and we better do it this way, else its not gonna be any easier, ever.

since when  the  skin or body type became the measure of one's beauty.
and its not bound to these,  they have several parameters to define this beauty-thing.
there was a time, when in schools we were told, beauty is what's beneath your body- how your soul is, the way your heart think, the way you listen to it.
but now, you call a baby p…