Wednesday, 11 February 2015

And its valentine day again!

Again, its that time of year when instead of Tuesday/Wednesday, days are labelled somewhat differently, one day its Rose day, the other Teddy day. and there is a kiss day, but i have to say i believe in kick day more- if there is any.

And at last... THE VALENTINEs DAY... the day when on each year,for a brief moment i think there is something wrong with me :O because everyone, trust me everyone seems like committed/relationship-ized that day.
And being single on this auspicious day means- oh no plans, no gifts :O(when everyone gets some)

a few days back i had this conversation with one of my friends, who feels like to be happy she needs to stay in a relation, she won't be able to smile if she is single. and my point was/is your happiness depends on you.
your happiness provides a way to your relations, not the other way around.

i believe, life is too short to wait for that perfect one or even the imperfect ones to bring in  the happiness.
start to be happy today, stay content with your present and live your life the way you want.
no one, trust me no one can complete your soul, but you.  and as far as this day is concerned, just spoil yourself a little, no one is more special to you than you-yourself. treat yourself a little.

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