Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bucket List

Life is kinda crazy and steady at the same time. After sitting idle for some time, my mind got on the same old track- thoughts, thoughts about anything and everything. This post is the result :p

There is one question I ask myself again and again, and once again- If I die today/now , do I have any regrets?
Each night before going to sleep, like everyone else I look forward to the coming day, dream about the amazing future to come. And at the same time I ask myself this same old question. And I make sure the answer is no. I know for sure that once I am done with this life, I am done. There is no way for me to come back and do something else, apart from some surprise visits to my friends- just to haunt them, you know-every once in a while.

But this time I gave myself the privilege and got this listing done- stuff that I want to do/experience before I die. These are not things that I will regret if I miss, but doing them will add to the pleasure of living J.

Here it is:
            Spend a Night in a Tree House
·         Give a Shelter Pet a Home
·         Stay in an Overwater Bungalow- well i did walk underwater, i am good
·         Travel Overnight Alone
·         Travel to another country alone
·         Promotion i deserve- many more to come :P
·         Job Switch
·         Run a marathon
·         Try frontline jobs for the experience
·         Go scuba diving / snorkeling and experience marine life up close
·         Go skiing
·         Get a heartfelt surprise from someone
     Own a house and a car
·         Fly in a hot-air balloon
·         Get a drink from a stranger
·         Go on a road trip
·         Learn Salsa
·         Play a musical instrument
·         Fly first class
·         Go on a cruise
·         Fall in love.  Be in a conscious, fulfilling relationship 
·         Go to a costume party and dress up as your favorite character
·         Visit Eiffel Tower at night
·         See NY night life
·         Walk on/with the Great Wall of China
·         Learn Swimming and then Swim with Dolphins
·         Spend a night in a park- stargazing.
·         Try tequila shots, champagne
·         Night Out
·         Skydive
·         Be a member of the audience in a show 
·         Watch a live comedy show
·         Watch a live play
·         Plant a tree
·         Dance carefree- Disc Party
·         Write the novel you know you have inside you.
·         Attend one rock concert.
·         Create your own Web Site/Blog.

 I am sure i am gonna add much more to this list, until the day i die,  I just hope- i get to cross some of these.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Regrets... Na, Not for me :)

Life is a journey, a beautiful one. Of course there are some pebbles on the way, some ragged bridges to be crossed. Sometimes its like a melody, the songs being played are exactly your taste, and at others you just have to make peace with what you get.

Starting with your family and friends, there comes a time when you have to switch lanes, no matter you want that or not. You chose a lane, or someone gives you the address, and you just start dragging yourself towards it.Well there are several ways to reach to that one destination you have set for yourself, and its up to you, which way you chose and the co-passengers whom you allow to enter your vehicle, its all your choice.

No matter what you chose, what you let in with you on the way, make sure  its all worth it in the end. Its just that when you look back at the journey- the smiles, the tears...you love what you got, what you became. You may not be crazy about everything you have at hand but ensure that you don't regret anything.

Monday, 31 August 2015

The End, is it really :)

What to do when something ends,something that you actually like. Feeling sad, experiencing that void, getting scared of moving on. We all are. 
We all spend those restless nights, yes those sleepless ones, thinking about what we cannot do anymore, or the people we cannot be with. 

Well this 6 year old has a nice solution, which i am surely gonna try.
His story goes like this-there was a mouse and a bear,who met and really liked each other's company :) they went to swimming pool, the mouse was afraid, he was just testing the waters(like literally) and the bear just jumped into the water.
He took his friend with him, swam with mouse on his back. Took care of him, helped him with  first of his water plays.
And then it was winter and the pool was closed. They were sad, like really sad, they badly wanted to go into the pool and play. 

To this the little boy says that he is also sad when he wants to do something and its closed, but then he just thinks about the things he like. :) like cookies (damn chocolate chip cookies), juice,also Piano shaped cookies.

He says "Scared is scared of things you like" :) like when he is afraid of monsters, he thinks of pizza :)

So true his words are. When we have to go through something that we do not like, or something that we do no have any control on, its okay to get sad. But then just think about the stuff you still have and can have, the stuff you like. 

And do not worry about his cute friends, they are enjoying their winters to the fullest :) 

Link to his story :)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


He woke up, with a terrible headache. Opening eyes seemed like the most difficult task. All he wanted was to get a coffee, stay in his bed all day and may be just may be cry a little.
He got up, looked around, there were people around, starting with their daily chores, unaware of a stranger sleeping on roadside, just like other homeless people,he crossed by each day. He smiled thinking about it.

Leaving his home, the one he had brought with his hard earned money, his car - which finally was his after 2 years of hard work, he almost gave up everything else to cover the installments.
He started to walk again, just like he did yesterday and the day before. 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

why friendship is not enough?

Life is a crazy ride. You start with a shelter and move on, to different stations, new people getting on and the old ones saying goodbye. Some of them you may never see again,and others you have already planned to have tea with at the next intersection. And then may be some day,any day of this journey you may find someone who is gonna be there on the next seat throughout the journey. No matter how many times you want to throw that person out,but the person is there to stay. Well seems like a good thing, having a seat mate, someone to talk to, someone you can bank upon.
But what about the rest of passengers? Why do people just leave the others unnoticed so that they could just look for that special one. Taking the sheet-the checklist in hand,they just start on...finding the match,investing a Lil of their time with them, and then a farewell.
Why do we keep on looking for the matches and enjoy the journey. Why do we forget the tea plans we have planned with the people we met. Why do we make it just about that person.

Well I do not understand this world, I understand that you can't go and talk to all the strangers, but can't see how a smile can hurt. So busy in searching and chosing out for that mate, we just don't see the person sitting next.
When you were busy counting down the matched columns of your checklist,for someone who may or may not be the one, you lost one of those with whom you shared the best of your journeys with.

Friday, 7 August 2015

random thoughts

Sometimes life is harsh on us,and just like everyone else we are afraid of the thunder inside and outside.

Not having a choice is not the worst part,but making one is,when there is so much to loose. All you want is to be buried into your bed,forget about the world and dream.

you know that one day, you will have to make a choice, or maybe the time and world will make that for you, or may be you yourself will. And then you will take on the way ahead with the happiness or sorrows whatever it brings.

you will take on the way ahead with the happiness or sorrows whatever it brings.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Legally Blonde

Beautiful isn't she :)Beauty with brains. A courageous young woman, who is intelligent,charming,fabulous,crazy and equally adorable- blonde(not that it matters,but for the sake of the title) who  is hopelessly in love with this beautiful man(yes I used beautiful for a guy, well he looks good, but I didn't feel like calling him handsome-i am so into this movie). Who dumps her because he has got into Harvard law and now he needs someone more with brains and not some beauty queen(that is how he feels :o, well I felt kinda same for first 15 minutes into this film, and after that I simply adore her.

The best thing is - what she is ready to do for him. 

A lil overview- She gives in her days and nights to studying and finally gets into Harvard law, just to find out he has someone else in his life now.

This is one of the movies in my feel-good-list, a permanent part of my desktop. 

Watch this movie to realize- love may be one of the best parts of this life,but it's not everything. 
Sometimes life takes you through shitty paths and rusty roads. But you will live it and you will live it well :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Random Musings

Today while getting ready for the office, i realized something.
i looked in for the black pair of jeans, and found the one slim fit, low waist denim, the one that was almost an every day wear for me in my college time. i used to have one such pair at all times.
Some issue with one, will immediately go and buy the new one...exactly the same.
And now i haven't worn it for almost a year.
I asked myself-Why? 

And i replied myself- Well Babes, its been another +1 to your age and  now you are  drawn towards the more comfortable options. You have left these jeans with  another pile of clothes,  that have  unknowingly  taken the back seat in your wardrobe.

With that, i thought of so many other things/habits that are now a part of my life, and the ones that i have pick ed up consciously or otherwise :O

Like sleeping at 11:00 pm (Haww) i seriously cannot believe myself.
i was so famous for being a late sleeper, and now its like "Come-on its already 10:30, where is my bed, let me get my beauty sleep"
And then getting up at 7- can't believe that one either. An if it was 12:30 instead of 11:30 the previous night, get ready for the drowsy and grumpy version of mine.

Eating out was like my second love, of-course novels being the first. Even at home we would be like- Mommy chinese/south indian/italian today.
And now even at restaurants- lets order Indian :)

Previously it was always-"But i don't like it", and now its- "Ah i have to / i should / i ought to".

Frankly speaking, it may sound lame but i really do like this new version more. its much better, wiser,mature and equally cranky :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Wow :) What an amazing movie.

A good change from the blood baths and the sword fights :) this time i am talking about Hercules :)

It feels so good to watch such an emotional and realistic movie from time to time, you get to stay in touch with your true-self :)

So cute :) the guy and his son,  so much love they possess for each other, was it this way from the very beginning...nah :O This awesome rock-star met a sweet angelic girl for the first time, and yup their lives are messed up pretty badly. She decided to have the baby anyway and then one day she is afraid and so terrified  , she just handed the little guy over to the big guy  :D and he so surprised, with the unwanted and sudden visit , that changed not just his life but him :) 


Well, life has a way to teach us all, and its the decision/way we chose that decide where we will be. Sometimes the choices are so nerve-wreck-ingly difficult but  its all worth in the end.

Frankly, i wanted a different end to their story, but if it works for them, its fine with me as well :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Girls and Mood Swings...

Looks like synonyms, we are the gender who can reach from the highest of mountains to the lowest of the grounds in no time...trust me, in no time.

The anger tide, shower of love, hatred,desire, peaceful avatar, and what not!

Well i am not purely a feminist, but this is something i give a +2 to all the girls . One for the pain and the other one for the stress, yes lots and lots of stress. No matter how much we try to empower these creatures :P , the basic nature is always in a circle... mood swings come and go, the lovable, adorable and the patient friend to the daemon with most violent streak

The Bond

Well yes, i tried to think about it, about something that is motivating enough, anything that inspires me, the things that keep us going. i scrolled through the facebook posts, youtube videos and dozen more sites, just to find the similar stories, some maybe a little different, i looked around- for the people who are successful and the ones who are still trying to be...well i thought about anything and everything that i could get my hands on.

Finally after deep-deep thought i realized, the main point of motivation, the one thing that actually keeps me going, that  keeps the zest for this particular life :O alive:  is the people with whom I share it.

They are the ones who actually give me a reason to live, to cry, to smile, to be angry, to be patient enough, to carry on, to stop and relax.
And the good thing is I am one of them. Whatever we do in this short span of life, is for these people and with these people.
They say no one is permanent in your life, but-- that is a myth, that we believe so hard in, and stop working towards proving it a lie. the bonds we share with them are the ones that depict what we are, define us, our presence, and stays with us forever and ever.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

this video restored my faith in humanity


Wow :)
this video really made my day :) being a teenager we all used to hate it when people would intervene, but this time it all seemed like a blessing.

its good to know that people care. they really do.

and i promise myself, if anything like that happens in front of me, i will never ignore it, will take my stand.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Words are everything ;)

Words are everything ;) for me

Well, this is something people around me can really understand
i love to speak, i do.
its so hard to keep this mouth shut sometimes :P my mobile bill is the proof :( .  its like Smiley/Smiles don't work for me anymore, i need loud and clear words :)

People say- actually movies make us think, that silences are good, you should be with someone whose silence is something that you are comfortable with :O is that so?
i believe, silences are either too good, or babes! you are in trouble.
and the "too good" work for sometime, either when you have an amazing view to admire-to take in, or you are just in the honeymoon phase of your friendship/relationship.

In this stupid-beautiful world, lets say whatever we want to say, why keep somethings to ourselves. let people adore you or let them hate you whole heartedly. Be with someone in front of whom you can be yourself and you guys can blabber, all to your heart's content ;)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dreams do come true, but do we want them to?

Yes, dreams do come true. But are we always that happy, as we imagine/see ourselves in the dreams.

Being a Piscean, i am a proud dreamer. some mornings start with dreaming/imagining things and situations and other ends with them.
Imagining a situation, thinking about it, as if dreaming again and again, and then really living that moment. :)
i thought i would be happy. But things are not always the way you expect them to be. just one minor adjustment, and its totally not your thing :(

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
But sometimes, you just don't want the lemonade.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

be glad to be yourself :)

saw this quote,and couldn't stop myself from sharing it here.

the first few years of our lives are spent playing with the toys, the fake and the unrealistic ones. we are so used to looking for the beauty that we have no place for the average and even normal things in our lives.

living in society like ours, its more like a everyday thing to hear- oh she is so fair-so beautiful.
or oh he is so fat..so ugly!
i mean what the hell!

but yes this is how we people think these days, or we always did- but are bold to say it out aloud now. this is how we are asked to live our lives and we better do it this way, else its not gonna be any easier, ever.

since when  the  skin or body type became the measure of one's beauty.
and its not bound to these,  they have several parameters to define this beauty-thing.
there was a time, when in schools we were told, beauty is what's beneath your body- how your soul is, the way your heart think, the way you listen to it.
but now, you call a baby precious, and when they have grown old, you tell them- oh this and that is wrong with you.
why can't we always remember that everyone is precious, everyone is perfect in their own discreet way.

i don't believe in it, any of this. for me i have my own mantra :)
i am beautiful, i am happy, i am kind, i am truthful,i am a lot more than what you see, a lot more than what you feel, a lot more than what you hear.
but no matter what it is,or if you like it or not- i am glad to be me.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Just another thought :) ;)

A  perfect boyfriend material...

No, i am not talking about some guy i met or qualities i may want in my life partner...this is just something i realized yesterday :) that i am a perfect boyfriend material :)

Yes, i am kind hearted, loving, caring, bold, independent. i am neither abusive nor shy. i have a steady job-at-least right now :D.  i am a complete package :P

There is something boys should know...
We- Girls these days, do not need someone to complete us...what we need is- who will do all the crazy stuff that we wanna do.
someone who would like to walk down the aisles with us, not to support us, but to make the journey more interesting.
 to accompany us in both hard and easy times. who is not afraid to say it aloud when he is afraid, who don't mind shedding a few tears every now and then.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

And its valentine day again!

Again, its that time of year when instead of Tuesday/Wednesday, days are labelled somewhat differently, one day its Rose day, the other Teddy day. and there is a kiss day, but i have to say i believe in kick day more- if there is any.

And at last... THE VALENTINEs DAY... the day when on each year,for a brief moment i think there is something wrong with me :O because everyone, trust me everyone seems like committed/relationship-ized that day.
And being single on this auspicious day means- oh no plans, no gifts :O(when everyone gets some)

a few days back i had this conversation with one of my friends, who feels like to be happy she needs to stay in a relation, she won't be able to smile if she is single. and my point was/is your happiness depends on you.
your happiness provides a way to your relations, not the other way around.

i believe, life is too short to wait for that perfect one or even the imperfect ones to bring in  the happiness.
start to be happy today, stay content with your present and live your life the way you want.
no one, trust me no one can complete your soul, but you.  and as far as this day is concerned, just spoil yourself a little, no one is more special to you than you-yourself. treat yourself a little.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

thinking aloud :)

They say-  people come into your life with a purpose, that may be something that will strengthen you, or things that will leave your soul wounded.
there will be people whom you will love unconditionally, and there will be some, who will love you whole-heartedly.

i believe, this whole world is like a day-dream for God. he just sits in his bed knitting a dream- he imagines a person and then his/her life. he adds up some worry one day, and subtract some the other day.
sometimes he realizes that the situation is too much for that one person, he introduces another person in his life :) to share the pain, lending a helping hand- a heart to share the grief.
we get so much involved with those people, to realize that their time is up...in our lives.
there are times when we step into other people lives, to help them get over their fears, to bear their pains.
that is just some cycle that goes on.
and once the part is over, and its time to bid-farewell, we are in tears. we hate that part.
we are so comfortable in the present that even a slight change terrifies us. we wonder if the change would be good. will we be able to survive without the people we are so accustomed to.

we forget that the only thing constant in one's life is the one :) . other people will come and go, some will stay for longer than usual :) others will be just there from time to time.


Well its never easy, but see here i am. I have been away from my blog for so long, can't really remember when i actually wrote 2 posts...