Tuesday, 30 December 2014


2015 is finally here :)
i like the way that just one night-a few hours , and we start using another digit for the dates...when we were in school,it used to be so difficult getting used to the new year...writing that 3 instead of 4 as the last digit. Apart from the birthday,new year is the day that reminds us- 1 more year has passed. 365 days...

and each year on Dec 31, we send those texts-wishes,update posts and stuff...how the year went by, our goals and desires for the new year and what not.
this year is no that-different, at-least for me. i am gonna spend tonight partying...dancing...smiling...wishing...dreaming...hoping for the new year...the new days to be as much fun as they could be. :)

for someone like me, who is in her last years of bachelorette, it seems like one time opportunity. actually each day is like that. each day i will go out with my roommate and we will wander around, shopping,eating from the redis :p, having pani-puri, paav bhaji, wondering if the next year will be any same. at this point we are not that afraid of the changes, but the way we will adapt to those.
we think a dozen times before going to a new place,buying a new dress, trying something new...oh!should we....as if already trying to please the future husband :), its like putting some imaginary person before you :O.

2014 was a good year, well if i have to rank it, it was the best among all the preceding ones...or its just the way i am- happy with what i have.
it was a full-on combination of smiles and tears, opportunities,headaches,heartaches,fulfilled desires,broken dreams and what not. there was so much to learn,to grasp, some things so tempting, others too disturbing.
Some people i couldn't breathe around anymore, others so difficult to let go...and the ones who will always stay in my life-will never let them go(you know who you are :)). i learned so much about the world, the people around me, things, and most important about myself.

i wish for myself- may this new year change just my direction and not dates, change my commitments and not the Calendar, change my attitude and not the actions, and bring about a change in my faith,  May I live up to the promises i have made to people around me and to myself. 

New year is just around the corner. Bring up your drinks and lets rock this new year eve party like never before. Cheers!

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