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2015 is finally here :)
i like the way that just one night-a few hours , and we start using another digit for the dates...when we were in school,it used to be so difficult getting used to the new year...writing that 3 instead of 4 as the last digit. Apart from the birthday,new year is the day that reminds us- 1 more year has passed. 365 days...

and each year on Dec 31, we send those texts-wishes,update posts and the year went by, our goals and desires for the new year and what not.
this year is no that-different, at-least for me. i am gonna spend tonight partying...dancing...smiling...wishing...dreaming...hoping for the new year...the new days to be as much fun as they could be. :)

for someone like me, who is in her last years of bachelorette, it seems like one time opportunity. actually each day is like that. each day i will go out with my roommate and we will wander around, shopping,eating from the redis :p, having pani-puri, paav bhaji, wondering if the next year will b…