Monday, 4 August 2014


i wish...

well i do wish so many things, since the time i learnt that i could have something other than what i got, or when i came to know that i may get one out of n-options, say it anything...i started wishing.

starting from the point i open my eyes- "i wish its pleasant outside, but please no rain until i reach office, just coz i hate wearing raincoat"

while getting up, i just wish there is some milk left, seriously its not a morning when you can't have coffee/tea, it would be more like late- late-late-late night.

while getting ready, i wish the dress would fit perfectly the way it did last time, i can't believe how the dresses  change sizes by themselves, because i believe i can't still its loose/gain in one day but the dress seems like it hangs the next day or even worse shrinks by itself the other day.

while leaving my room, i look back and see the mess i have created, just to realize how lucky i am...i wish i could stay single for long and long.

looking at a couple, i wish i had someone to hold on to, just to wish the opposite when they have to share their chocolates :) or when i see them arguing

just while entering office, i wish my manager was on leave (i don't know why i wish that considering i have to do the same work no matter he is there or not, but seems like an obvious wish :P )

while leaving for pg... i wish i could actually live here with my family, it would have been so nice to to go back to home each day :O

wishes, wishes, wishes... i wish this, i wish that. yes there is no end :)
but there is a reason why these all are not fulfilled, and the reason is- "God loves to play :P seriously, he just don't feel like being generous all the time. he likes us when we laugh, but he gets so bored, so he injects some tears as well."

i am sure you were waiting for some crap like- "God does that coz he has better plans for us" no, trust me there is nothing like that :P
i bet i could have planned my life a better way... yes it would have been a mixture of some fairy tales (with some drama for sure)but who cares when i am chuckling and the people around me are

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