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My take on Interreligion Marriages

Marriage is a bond not just for two persons, but two families. Does it really matter what religion the other ones follow, or in what manner they pray,Demons and Angels reside everywhere.  only thing that matters the most is the people, and the way they treat you. if they are ready to accept you the way you are, if they are willing to respect you, and your faith.  life is going to throw stones in your path, no matter whom you choose as your partner, but are you both willing to walk through them together or not,and if those walks make your bond stronger or weaker, that is what matters the most.

Two people don't need to believe in same God, but they need the most common values, in common.

good girl :)

‎ ‎ Looks like a compliment from your school time or something,oh dear you scored well,you are a good gal...oh you helped me with this and that,you are a good gal...I feel like we Indian gals are so burdened with behaving like the good gal (my face has deadly expression). I mean I do not know about others but I guess all my life(till now,and there is no possibility it's gonna change for say,rest of my life) have lived with two mindsets- I am a gal,that doesn't mean I am any less than the other breed of us homosapiens. I can compete with these men in every field.And the second- oh! I should stay in limit, I am a gal.‎ Seriously I spent my school life trying to study hard...and college life hiding in that small group of friends, i mean I love my friends,i surely do but I wish I had some real fun. :(.I don't know if I attract my carbon copies as friends(which is a good thing) or they just act like me when we are friends... but we kinda live in this bubble. we love to laugh…


i wish...

well i do wish so many things, since the time i learnt that i could have something other than what i got, or when i came to know that i may get one out of n-options, say it anything...i started wishing.

starting from the point i open my eyes- "i wish its pleasant outside, but please no rain until i reach office, just coz i hate wearing raincoat"

while getting up, i just wish there is some milk left, seriously its not a morning when you can't have coffee/tea, it would be more like late- late-late-late night.

while getting ready, i wish the dress would fit perfectly the way it did last time, i can't believe how the dresses  change sizes by themselves, because i believe i can't still its loose/gain in one day but the dress seems like it hangs the next day or even worse shrinks by itself the other day.

while leaving my room, i look back and see the mess i have created, just to realize how lucky i am...i wish i could stay single for long and long.

looking a…