Wednesday, 16 July 2014

today i was wondering what would have been my life it i have made different choices.
looking at the 7 year's old pic of mine, i thought have i lost all that innocence, that craziness, and that awesomeness :P  yes, trust me my smaller version was the better one. i was one of those kids who mind just their own business, sometimes not even that. so funny, so witty, and a lot more jolly i was. sometimes i just look at those old photos, my journals and realize how much i could learn from that person, the person i was.

i tried to list out all the stupid and wrong choices i have made in my life...till now :).  
The people i should have avoided,the friends whom i should have never let go, days i shouldn't have spent sticking in my bed, saying NO to the things i never wanted to do. dreams i shouldn't have seen... so much more.
But the life, this life didn't came to me with a manual. but is it possible to send some message to your earlier self...i have seen this movie where there are different ages going on in separate worlds in the universe(at one time). And somehow people (leads ofcourse) have left messages for themselves. it was crazy and insane yet so amazing :P i mean you find a note in say your notebook, that no-no don't be friends with XYZ, he is gonna hurt you later. Or don't lend your favorite accessories to her, she will never return it. (stupid me )

seems like fun... no more heartaches, or tears(we girls :P) ... you already know what to do and what not to.

But would i ever REALLY get to know about the things and people unless i get to know them. would it be that great to have happy times all the time, wouldn't happiness loose its  meaning. 
when a parent tells his/her child- don't touch the pan its hot. he will touch it if not today but may be tomorrow or day after. but once he will, he won't repeat it...Lesson learnt :P
its painful yet so necessary to go through the heat waves, frantic fights shallow hearts.

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