Sunday, 6 July 2014

random thoughts :)

Guess what I wrote this (piece of whatever you wanna call it) in a roadways bus at 5:00 in the morning…not just that, but on a Saturday morning.
If someone else would have said so…my first comment would have been-OMG how could you? Getting up so early on a Saturday morning to catch a bus..that too just to go home. Well, I am not outa my mind. I am just a lil bit sick. Well getting sick is not something that happens everyday you know…not atleast to me. Not that my immune system is really strong or something…its just that I do not call- having headache, stomach ache as a sickness. They are just regular stuff you go through every once in a while.

What I call sickness is when even doctor says I will be fine in a couple of days but in the deepest of my heart I feel as it’s all over…I remember when I last felt it. In second year of hostel (I should say college but who exactly went there) I was stung by an insect, we used to call that “POINTER” I am not sure what his MEDICAL name was.. Not that I care but it would have been nicer saying- pagdgefdgeydggd stung me :P
So one morning I woke up and I had a big red mark on my neck, my eyes were swollen, and I thought I was gonna die. But ofcourse I didn’t :P.
Well I surely took 10 days off from college, because I was stung by an insect-WHO RESIDED IN COLLEGE’S HOSTEL”

So, what I had…no-no not some serious disease, I just had a lil fever and the body-ache. I wasn’t that scared or something (like I was when stung) but was kinda happy…you know sometimes you have to fall sick to feel special, to get that caring attitude from the people around you. But uf my case… I  don’t know if I am bad at performing or people just think that I can take care of myself…but there was nothing…no one to take care(I know I live alone, but still no calls)haha

I really missed getting sick at home… you have all the rights…you can ask Mommy, please stay with me… she will herself give you the meds, you didn’t have to track your own health, you can say- mommmmyyy I want to eat that. No-no not that,.
Ahh… really miss family at such times and at others too… when I am too happy, when I am sad, when I need someone, when I want to stay alone…when I achieve something, when I lost something… I just need them all the time J

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