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Friends :)

Hope was lost in her dreams when she heard her phone ringing. She wanted to just switch it off, just like that without even looking at the caller's name. she wanted to stay away... far away from her, but each time she acted like hypnotized, and went all the way to her doorstep like a pet. she hated it, the way she felt.

Everything was so wonderful a while back, they were best of friends, talking about everything, texting every detail of their day. People may have considered them gays :P but they never cared. they were like sisters who were best-est friends. Eva was the first one to know every single thing about her life, her crushes, her dates... just a text and they can tell something is wrong in the other one's life. even the thought made her eyes wet. the door opened, there she was, Eva hugged her like always, she followed her to her room, eased herself on the bed and waited for her to start.

she was waiting for another story of someone she dumped, or a new crush, a new date... it was something that happened all the time in her life. where hope was all about traditional values, Eva was someone who lived in the moment. she sometimes wonder how they became that good friends. 
but know it was all long gone, last few months have been like hell for her. All of a sudden Eva has stepped back, she was busy all the time, she never took her calls, when she did called back, she was always in a hurry to get back. they didn't went out much, the Sunday coffee ritual at CCD was a long gone thing. She asked her a couple of times, but she always dismissed her questions, and then she stopped asking. She knew it was something to do with the new guy in her life. she has met him once(seems like a joke considering the bond they shared) and now she was calling her non-stop from two days. she never said anything much just casual chit-chat, hope was sure there was so much going on, but she didn't want to push her. 

She called her name, she wondered where she just went...and then she saw her, coming with two wine glasses, and a bottle of Coke. yes that's how they were. 

she saw her eyes, they were swollen, and red. she asked her- what's wrong Eva.
And it was done, tears started flowing from her eyes, she tried to stop but as if she had-had so much that she couldn't control anymore. she hugged her, consoled her, patted her back. she let her cry, she didn't knew the reason, but she knew very well how to take care of her friend. 
in those tears, she forgot her anger...the frustration she had since past months was long gone.

they sat there with silent tears and little sobs for hours, and then she talked. 
for hours, her story,she told her that she was sorry that she ignored her dear friend, and that was the reason she fought so hard her urge to talk to her about her pain.
she just gave her an understanding nod and tears started flowing. 

And just like after every other fight
Hope-Oh common stop this girly drama,play some music...we don't need a hot-cold drink :P

they danced, they hugged, they cried, and then they laughed.


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Something new....

Aaah.... Guess what today i thought about several things that i want to share with you people... But i realized this needs a break...

There must be something worth writing... ;p

Was reading a novel-
In between some arguement
And the hero asks heroine- what do you want me to do?

Her reply- "i don't know".

And i wasn't able to stop myself.... I was laughing out aloud....
Truely said-how could a guy understand what his girl wants..when she herself has got no idea....
Funny but true..
Well if some guy writes this on his facebook wall...i will be so-so angry... I may even shout....what the hell these guys think...

But i know its true...i mean...we girls always know what the other person expects... What we should do...

But we are seldomly sure about what we want...
;) may be because...since early days of our lives....we keep everyone else before have lost contact with ourselves...


just a thought...

I guess the best thing i learned till that - if you feel have a war going on inside your head, you are not sure about the next step you will take...or where your life is going...where you will be , the very next day...or a week later or what you will do...So what if sometimes you feel that things are wrong...nothing is working out the way you suggested... still you will be fine...You will live by all this... many-many similar days are waiting for you...Big dreams and even bigger problems are being positioned by the almighty , just to add a little adventure...But you will live ...It will all be fine in the end...
Just be yourself...and see how beautiful a person you are... Just smile...may be just to practice it...
Because even your smile is a little tired and sad...tomorrow it will be happy...real and satisfying... Life is not about a moment...or a day...or a week...not even a year... Its about the whole...its about you... :)

Count your blessings

"If material things are what you are talking about when you say i am blessed, You have no idea what a blessing is. "
Yes, its weird coming from a shopaholic like me :) but isn't it correct. We all or I must say- most of us have what we need to live our lives. Its just that we want more, something more and that list never ends.
We get something we wanted , and we develop a liking for something else. Its good to have your thoughts in sync, to move ahead, to wish and make your own wishes come true. But there is no way, those wishes can define your happiness.

One thing I learned from observing people is that we wish for these material things and act crazy for them when we believe there is something missing in the life. Something more meaningful, something you believe you should have got as a right or something you really deserve. It could be being alone, losing someone, not having that dream job, just anything.  And we use these material things to just fill in those gaps. To…