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Friends :)

Hope was lost in her dreams when she heard her phone ringing. She wanted to just switch it off, just like that without even looking at the caller's name. she wanted to stay away... far away from her, but each time she acted like hypnotized, and went all the way to her doorstep like a pet. she hated it, the way she felt.
Everything was so wonderful a while back, they were best of friends, talking about everything, texting every detail of their day. People may have considered them gays :P but they never cared. they were like sisters who were best-est friends. Eva was the first one to know every single thing about her life, her crushes, her dates... just a text and they can tell something is wrong in the other one's life. even the thought made her eyes wet. the door opened, there she was, Eva hugged her like always, she followed her to her room, eased herself on the bed and waited for her to start.
she was waiting for another story of someone she dumped, or a new crush, a new da…
today i was wondering what would have been my life it i have made different choices. looking at the 7 year's old pic of mine, i thought have i lost all that innocence, that craziness, and that awesomeness :P  yes, trust me my smaller version was the better one. i was one of those kids who mind just their own business, sometimes not even that. so funny, so witty, and a lot more jolly i was. sometimes i just look at those old photos, my journals and realize how much i could learn from that person, the person i was.
i tried to list out all the stupid and wrong choices i have made in my life...till now :).   The people i should have avoided,the friends whom i should have never let go, days i shouldn't have spent sticking in my bed, saying NO to the things i never wanted to do. dreams i shouldn't have seen... so much more. But the life, this life didn't came to me with a manual. but is it possible to send some message to your earlier self...i have seen this movie where the…

random thoughts :)

Hey Guess what I wrote this (piece of whatever you wanna call it) in a roadways bus at 5:00 in the morning…not just that, but on a Saturday morning. If someone else would have said so…my first comment would have been-OMG how could you? Getting up so early on a Saturday morning to catch a bus..that too just to go home. Well, I am not outa my mind. I am just a lil bit sick. Well getting sick is not something that happens everyday you know…not atleast to me. Not that my immune system is really strong or something…its just that I do not call- having headache, stomach ache as a sickness. They are just regular stuff you go through every once in a while.
What I call sickness is when even doctor says I will be fine in a couple of days but in the deepest of my heart I feel as it’s all over…I remember when I last felt it. In second year of hostel (I should say college but who exactly went there) I was stung by an insect, we used to call that “POINTER” I am not sure what his MEDICAL name was.. …