Thursday, 12 June 2014

from being awful to being wonderful :)

i am back :)
i think that is how i have started all my posts in past few months.. God! what has happened to me :P

Well, worst is over :) i am back with my happy self :)

if you ask me how exactly that happened, i would say i thought a lot :-of joining some hobby classes, cooking, painting, going of long walks... and what not.  But what i actually did was: NOTHING :), i just let it pass and tried to minimize the impact of that phase.

i just realized that there was no particular reason why i was behaving like a weirdo, its just like someone has flipped on a switch and awww boring Jagriti is on :P 

i tried, not to hurt people i love (i know i am the best :) )
i tried to keep the worst thoughts away from my mind, each time i had an unwanted thought i would just imagine closing the door for that, its kinda funny but it worked... 
Think---the thought trying to enter your mind, and you shut the door at its face(or front, whatever we call it)

So, just be crazy, do whatever you want to do...because anything, i mean it: anything and everything means nothing if you are not happy :)

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