Friday, 30 May 2014

too too too much :(


After feeling unhappy/depressed/lonely for so long, finally i have the courage to talk about it.
For this one week... i tried it all, i talked to my friends, i surfed it on internet, i saw N-no of videos on youtube, but none, trust me nothing could make me happy.

I talked to my sister today, i said it all, i cried... and then i felt so light, it was like the stone kept over my heart wasn't their anymore. But just a few hours later, it was back...

(seems so dramatic, stone over heart, but trust me that is how it really feels.)

i know i had a bad week, really bad one starting to get worse from the sunday night :( but this much... no way... it was way too much

so.... i am thinking what will exactly make it better? WORK? DRAWING? DANCING? CLEANING?EXERCISING(see how worse my condition is... i was too close to exercise :P)

but none of them worked... i just wanted to stay in bed, no one around(still needing someone to comfort), nothing to do, cry, cry my eyes out.... i myself feel so repelling... oohhhh Crazy, stupid, crying b***h...
Poor Me :(

i am not eading anymore (disaster), i haven't cooked even once in last two months,

Then i remember, yesterday was better, it was way better then the rest of the days... i was happy... for no single reason, but i was just saying- saying it aloud.. m feeling good :)

ohhhhh its back :( i don't know when will it be over, i am trying really hard... really really hard...

i don't know what is gonna happen today...or how long i am gonna stay this way... but one thing is sure- IT WILL PASS!!!

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