Sunday, 9 March 2014

My To-Do List... :)

Its been so long since i last logged in here... i mean, yes i did sneaked a little sometimes, just to be sure its here :)

in past few days, i actually did some stuff that i have always wanted to do... and by always, i mean at-least for past 2 years... :)

although my to-do list has "learn driving" as the first point, but its like, i am still not ready for that, and i know that's a shame. huh...
i wish there was no clutch and stuff, just a brake and race... no-no - no i am not going for the automatic one... that's even more shameful :(

anyways coming to my point.. finally i did it :)
finally i got a tatoo :)
yes.. a permanent one...
(people do stare at me when they get to know that its a permanent one)
 i know, i know its a big commitment... some day i may regret it, but at others i am really gonna love myself , for doing this bravery :P ... yes it was a daring thing to do... i mean getting a needle into your arm for almost half an hour is so big an achievement for someone like me...who is afraid of injections...yeah! i still need someone to hold on to... who likes a needle piercing your skin...

trust me, i did talked three more family members into it, just to avoid the "only-you-are-like-that" situation at home.  :P

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