Wednesday, 8 January 2014

i am just not ready... :)

Its been so long since i last posted here.
No silly excuse... just that... i didn't felt like. :)

life is taking turns after turns... some are so damn dramatic, yet so right as if that was something i have always wanted.

but there is something really terrifying... Guess wat...these days it appears as if everyone...everyone around the globe is getting married or got engaged or has a kid or something.

as if all of a sudden this is a trend... 

i wonder what will happen if i get married :O
my life will be totally upside down... :O i still remember when ma mom was sick and i used to do all the household chores...
ma daily routine went on like this-
get up
get ready
Tea break( oh! you have to make that yourself)
a lil more COOK
Finally cook and clean
Prepare for the next day 

that day i realized why my mother is always so tired. :(  that day i realized being a home-maker is the hell of a job, that too 24*7.

So are we really ready for that :O

doubled relatives
doubled work
doubled resposibilities... all these doubled appear so troubled. :)

And to this our elders say... you will learn with time, but will we? or will we just accept the fact that that is the new definition of life.

i mean no late night movies, no last-moment-plans, no just-for-sake-of-fun-outings, no weekend back-to back episodes, no all time chatting and no for so much more :(

That really felt bad :(
i seriosly don't think i am ready for any of it. 

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