Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shame Shame Shame !!!

this weekend, i finally got an internet connection at my place... hah feels wonderful... :)
so, the first thing i did...yes of-course after Facebook... i tried to recover from my TV Deficiency Syndrome...
Oh Hello!!! i am not talking about those rubbish TV soaps, which start with a theme, and continue for at least 4-5  years, with the track long lost, people all changed(but the character same), half of them reborn-ed, the leads having plenty of kids with plenty different people, with different traits taking different revenges etc etc.

Anyways coming back to my point,
and towards the heading, i started with "Fear Files", making my way through "Webbed" to "Gumraah".
i don't know if all these are scripted or not, and seriously i couldn't care any less... but, they have to be inspired with something.

so... there was this story of a village, it was about this guy, his sister just got married after trying so long and hard to convince her parents, for the love of her life...

she cried and cried, and he was the one, who just after trying once, told her...it was a good idea to get married to this guy, their parents have chosen for her.

and on the same day...when she got married, he fell in love with a sweet,beautiful girl...the sad part was she belonged to a different caste, and considering the conservative thoughts his parents had, he was a lil scared. but he didn't want to lose her, no matter what happens.

looks just like some typical love story na?

but no it wasn't...it was a one-sided love...
no matter how much he loved her, she didn't have any such feelings for him. and the worst part was...he just didn't understand that.

just then an incident happened in their village, a guy raped a girl, and as punishment, Panchayat ordered him to marry her... (just because no one else will marry her??)
A round of applause needed !!!

with this the idea clicked in the guy's mind...yes! that a****** raped her. Easiest way wasn't it?

she told him, she didn't love him, don't do that... but no...
wasn't his love so great?

Well thankfully, the girl's father called the cops and the guy was arrested.
Else all the guys would have got their way...
Oh you like a gal, go rape her.
Her parents will marry her off to you.
Bullshit !

seriously shame on all those people
who can rape a gal, but no one will marry a rape victim?
you don't mind premarital or even extra-marital affairs, but you won't accept your wife talking to guys?

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