Wednesday, 23 October 2013

it wasn't that difficuilt :)

this weekend i went on a trip to Delhi,
well being me... i was scrared...
and that combined with my fear of trains and railway stations.

there was some ceremony at my  Best Friend's place. and considering my previous records, if i have missed this one, i would have to
listen to her taunts  for at-least 2 years.
+ she had warned me, she won't come and visit me ever again.
So, This time i had no option for any "ifs" and "buts" kinda life-death issue for me :O

i am just waiting for science to develop such stuff...through which you can reach any other point(okay some 100 kms) with just one blink of eye...
you are at get ready. you close your open your eyes...aha! you are at office.
or may be like the Tom Cruise's Knight and are ready, someone gives you a woke are at totally another place :D but every day use of some drug... nah :/

i almost begged my sister to accompany me...and finally she agreed, and hence we started the first (ours) train journey(which we would be able to remember, ofcourse if i just didn't get hurt on head and lose all my memory or just that portion, or got  Alzheimer or something...who knows.

i wish it was the time when our teachers would have asked us to write an essay on "My first train journey"
or something of that sort... coz i had so much i could mention.
considering the fact that we covered this journey... in Shatabdi... Kalka Shatabdi Express, to be very precise.
Chandigarh to Delhi.
i would have dedicated atleast 100 words to the details of the food they provided, and our views and people's reaction on that.

well...the arrival time for the train was 6:45am and departure  6:53am. OMG! just 8 min :O

my mom called to tell us that we must reach station atleast 15 min before the arrival time.
We were like, "yes Mumma"

the distance from my pg to railway station has never consumed more than 25 mins on scooty(well my friends visit me and i pick them up from station, and now it was my turn), but getting an auto at 5:30 in the morning was also something we were worried about.
And yes! we decided to leave at 5:30. and to get up get ready at that hour....NO!!!
so i opted for my previous technique, i bathed and washed my hairs at night...
considering the fact that
1. it would be able to get more sleep.
2. i can sleep again. if you didn't get it...i have already explained this concept of mine in some previous post, i will look for the link later :).

YES!  we made it...we were walking away from our pg, towards the main 5:30am
(i don't know how i managed that)

we got an auto in just a couple of mins, hence reached Railway Station at 6 :(
and somehow passed those 45 mins, by talking, drinking horrible tea water, taking long walks on the platform. And wondering where our coach would be. Thankfully my friend on his last visit has told me that the coaches are interconnected, we were not that worried. else i would have asked every second person on the station- "Sir/Mam- do you have any idea where Coach 9 would be, when the train will arrive :O"
may be i should just tell that we saw number 9 written on a pillar and i told my sister that we will stand here, and she said Okay.
and we just needed to walk(almost run, God knows why ! ) a few meters. (facepalm)

And the train journey wasn't much exciting either...
we just enjoyed the luxury of travelling when you have a seat, and the standing people not putting half their weight on your shoulders. actually no standing people...such a relief that is.
you could breathe suffocation, no liquor smell...
 it really was a heaven for someone who has to travel in Haryana Roadways every week :(

and the journey was okay... we had our headphones plugged in...a nice guy was sitting just
it was good!
(i am sure my mam would have agreed with this point as well :P)

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