Thursday, 4 July 2013

we know what we don't want...

its a phrase you must have heard infinite number of times, but something like " i want that" is a rare event, yes! i am talking about "us" -girls.
its about me, you and every other girl out there(almost :P).

well. for me its always like this.
going for a party, oh! i don't want to wear western. not even indo-western.
in the deepest of our heart we know what we want...
but we will never say what it is.

we may try 50 dresses, still say...ah i don't have clothes

while ordering dinner, it's always like, ah i don't want south indian, no chinese, not even indian.
then what?
well, for our male counterparts its the most irritating one. :)
and guess what we know that.
but sometimes its just not so easy... i mean even if you have all the options in front of you, you always want the best. something you won't regret later.

may be you think  its such a dumb thing,
but that's how we are
so, bEaR it :)

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