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help be helped tomorrow...

since past couple of years the news about rape, murder, mis-behaving are so common that you just hear about it and forget. its just like a day-to-day event.
actually we people adapt ourselves to things really fast...mainly to the worst ones.

today only a friend of mine friend narrated us an incident, where she has witnessed such an instance.
she was on the terrace of her pg (paying guest) with her friend
they saw a a small distance facing the main entrance.
and then they saw three their door steps...
the guy pulled down his zipper  and huh that bastard just pleased himself.

and the girls knocked on their door.
but they(my friend and her friend) just tried to hide.
because they didn't want to be seen...didn't want any problems in their lives.

just after a few seconds, the guy ran away, and the girls walked towards their rented house(or pg).

i stared at her in disbelief..."you didn't shout"
she said- "no., he didn't do anything to harm them"
 i said- "what ? you mean this was nothing?"
she said- "it was horrible, but this is not the first time it happened. the same guy has done same thing so many times before. some have complained but no one want to support them"
i said- "and what are you people waiting for? him to hurt someone or what?"

she said- "what could i have done? it was so horrible."
i said-" it was horrible, okay...but have you thought about those girls. "
she said- "what about those girls, they are stupid, which good girl goes for walk at 11pm."
i said- "you girls are yourself talking like this, now how can we expect something from others(guys and govt..)
she said-" we were not in a state to do anything.and those gals didn't do anything. they could have picked up a stone and hurt him."
i said- "firstly you are talking that it was horrible, and they were in his reach, and yes may be they would have hurted him if he had tried to hurt any of them.(mental damage is already done)"
and you were in safe premises. your door was locked  with n no of people inside, all you needed to do was shout on him. "
she said- "i don't think it would have helped. and its easy to say, when you face something like this you just go numb."
i said- "stop this non-sense, you just didn't want to help them."
she said- "yes i didn't. but why are you so concerned? he didn't hurt them."
i said- "i am concerned because, i know it very well that if he continues like this, that day is not so far when he will start hurting people. and then rape will not be a distant thought for him
and the saddest part is, today its them, tomorrow it could be you or me.
and i surely don't want any of this."

and she turned away in anger saying -"i shouldn't have told you."

but here i am, questions still popping in my head.

it was so damn uncomfortable for me to mention all this here, but can we avoid this conversation? can we just let it happen.
can we just let these f*****g bastards come and do anything to anyone, rape, murder, acid attack---just anything just to  please themselves???


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