Monday, 22 July 2013

A day with nature...

Finally i am here, writing something again...
i won't say meaningful or useful because that's least of my concerns.

well, its been a while since i wrote my last post "here",  because i have a busy schedule (not jobless anymore, thank heavens! ), and "here" because i have written a couple of sheets, all rubbish. it was as if, i will start
 something and after 10-15 lines, i will get bored of typing and move on !!!

last week we went on an offsite trip to Manali. 
cutting the crap- it was raining, that meant no river rafting, no para gliding, nothing.

but trust me it was AWESOME !!!
people were saying- oh! its so boring! why we said yes for the trip? We have nothing to do.... blah blah blah

but i loved it... that feeling when you have nothing to do, nothing at all.
i have switched off my internet connection for 72 hours, and i loved it. when you don't have some stupid people saying hi! just because you can message through internet.
when you like pics and random texts just because you feel like doing something.
when your definition of being social is- liking pics, saying hi, and just commenting on pics and texts.

you click pics, to make memories, to make jokes, to keep that moment with you and not just for some social network.

for those 2 days, i almost felt like a waterwoman.

we had our own games, like who can keep their feet in water longer???

throwing stones in water and then trying to figure out which one went far
(as if with every pebble i have thrown a worry,
or i have thrown pebbles on people i don't like)

throwing in pebbles on a certain rock, lying in between the water, and feeling good even if you missed.

going far and far in the water, making our way, stepping on stones, falling and then getting up, then again falling and then again getting up :)
, God! that was amazing and terrifying :)

i like it, some time for your ownself, some time away from the life you live. some time  

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