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what if i die tomorrow???

aha.. don't worry... no motivational or inspirational message here. and i am not seriously planning to die. but the thing is 
everyone says... life is short... you cannot predict when you will die. any moment could be your last. well m not worried about it. because if it is destined to happen it will happen. and frankly i am so damn lazy to do anything about it,.
coming back to my point.  talking about death and stuff...i have different worries and concerns.
a few days back, i asked my sister to promise me one thing... and it was, if something happens to  me, what about the stuff i own?
i mean there is nothing much to worry about the bank accounts, they are pretty much empty one week after i get my salary.

but what about my laptop, phone, mp3 player???  i just asked her to have them all...and format them , leaving no traces of its ex-owner.
and now talking again about my promise... i told her to be the only person to have access to my stuff. and by my stuff i mean everything...from the cloth…

a day at railway station...

seems like the essay report na...that we were to write in for our english or hindi exams.
well that was the first thought i had when i visited railway station...followed by so many-stupidest thought.

here it goes.
Yesterday i went to railway in the city beautiful. i had to receive a friend of mine. 
frankly speaking i used to have these weird ideas related to train journeys , most importantly the railway station.

thanks to our bollywood movies, i had this misconception that no matter what, you have to run after the train.
i was sure that " someone giving you a hand and all" is a movie-thing. but yes... you have to run after train.
actually being paranoid, i haven't much traveled in train. well truly speaking its just four times I have got lucky. And of these four, two i can't remember...because i was a small kid back then. and was traveling with my parents, so i guess it was their concern.

and the one other time, i was going to college (Panipat from Karnal) and…