Monday, 20 May 2013

The Importance of Happiness

Happiness is one of the most essential aspects of a person’s life. The feeling of positivity which takes its roots from healthy self-esteem serves to influence and inspire you and the people around you to be the best that they can be. Despite life’s many challenges and curveballs, it is important to acknowledge all experiences as part of a learning process which will ultimately serve to enlighten you as to your purpose in life. However, in this day and age of materialism, peer pressure, mixed messages and a general blurring of the demarcation between “right” and “wrong”, it is very easy to get caught up in the inevitable web of confusion, frustration and ultimately, depression. Here are some ways by which you can ensure that your happiness quotient remains sky high and brimming with positivity, no matter how challenging the circumstances.
Everything happens for a reason, even the things which one would question the existence of because they make us sad. With the joy of giving birth to a new life comes the pain and sorrow of dealing with the death of a loved one. For every triumphant athlete who wins the race, there are others behind her who will experience the frustration and dejection of loss. For every jilted lover who goes through the trauma of humiliation, rejection and loss, there is a person who is experiencing the thrill, rush and excitement of a blossoming romance. It is important for those who did not win the race to understand that they can always try harder during the next race; for the jilted lovers to overcome their pain and realize that they are free to continue their quest for companionship, and therefore, for both of them to go through the cycle of emotions. Once this is achieved, they would have cleansed all feelings of negativity from their systems. They now have a chance to attain happiness once again by re-affirming their self-worth.
Emotions come naturally to all living beings. In other words, all living beings experience joy, sadness, anger, pain and other feelings. For human beings, peace of mind and a positive attitude are very basic, but elusive character attributes which can be harnessed and channelled in an effective way to contribute towards personal and professional growth, and can do much good to the world if shared with other people. Happiness is not restricted to smiling and laughing, it is about being at peace with one’s self, and about having a clear conscience which is free from worry and stress. Yoga, Meditation and even treatments involving Aroma therapy [the use of essential oils as part of a spiritual awakening process], help this spiritual cleansing process and allow much-needed self-introspection.
It is important to be happy, for the sake of one’s health and indeed, wealth as well. An unhappy person is not focussing his energies on being productive; whereas a happy person will gladly focus on improving their own productivity and will extend support to those who need it. Happy people are said to give off positive vibes and influence others to continue the trend.
An unhappy world is an unproductive world, and a happy population filled with joyful, enthusiastic people who are united in their efforts to tackle life’s challenges is one which will develop faster and produce balanced personalities, great thinkers and winners in every sphere. Be happy therefore, no matter how tough life might become, it will get better.

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