Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hurt...or hurt little less.

Choice is yours.

After losing almost all the friendly-but-virtual bonds in my life...i started afresh. Its more like choosing a date and forgetting everything that is dated before that one.
But no matter how much you try...there is always a string attached to your past. The experiences you got...the lessons...the moments... So much to recall and always being connected to.

Few days back i got a comment on my blog's wall-'to stop the song that is played in the background of it'

my first reaction was -'what the hell??? How could someone say like that...and that too in this tone'(the way comment was...have seen people messaging and chatting,seems so materialistic at times...while my way is... - even with the way my friend said hi...i can tell something is wrong :) )

well... My second reaction-' hmm...may be its time...even i was thinking about the same since long but couldn't bring myself  to do that...this song is so close to my heart...just like this blog :) ok ok...a lil less maybe.'

but then again my thought process came to action- 'people could be so cold at times...its like you go to someone's house...the one they have decorated all by themselves(and you know that well) and all you end up saying is- the color of bedsheet doesn't match with the curtains.
 I mean the person could just press the mute button for a while...or could enjoy anything they might like...the posts or the music...

And trust me this song is awesome :)
Huh. No offense to anyone but i know... Approximately no one-no one from my friend list reads my blog... But does that really matter??? Thing important is- how much i love it... If someone match my views :) or even if they don't...there is always-always a possibility to learn something. Today, what I want to communicate my friends and reader friends is...

"Try to appreciate things...and not just things people


There is something i can bet about...there are always atleast 2 things in each and every person. If you can't see that in someone...
may be you need to know them a lil more.

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