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i am glad...

Life is good,life is bad.
I got it, i am glad.

I may smile, i may cry.
No matter how many falls,still i will try.

May be God is busy,or he is just lazy,
it will work,just be a lil crazy.

Sing out aloud,
no matter how it sound,
dance like mad,
just chill out lad.

you'l feel good,you'l feel better,
it is the only thing that matters.

They say you won't win, but loosing is no sin.
There may be so many obstacles, still there are miracles.

I want to fly, so high in the sky.
My wings are hurt, still i want to try.

Life is good,life is bad.
I got it, i am glad.

Hurt...or hurt little less.

Choice is yours.

After losing almost all the friendly-but-virtual bonds in my life...i started afresh. Its more like choosing a date and forgetting everything that is dated before that one.
But no matter how much you try...there is always a string attached to your past. The experiences you got...the lessons...the moments... So much to recall and always being connected to.

Few days back i got a comment on my blog's wall-'to stop the song that is played in the background of it'

my first reaction was -'what the hell??? How could someone say like that...and that too in this tone'(the way comment was...have seen people messaging and chatting,seems so materialistic at times...while my way is... - even with the way my friend said hi...i can tell something is wrong :) )

well... My second reaction-' hmm...may be its time...even i was thinking about the same since long but couldn't bring myself  to do that...this song is so close to my heart...just like this blog :…

valentine day or valentine year...

first of all happy valentine day to everyone...:) and second of all...there's a question...or let’s say a couple of questions popping up in my mind about this significant day in my entire life,  say 18 years(i am not hiding my age...i am proud 22:-P) ,I have been thinking as to why this day has a larger than life gossip hovering around…
what exactly is so special about this day???
Yes, I know the story behind the day(rather there was a story behind the day)...something was there for sure....because i still remember the day....when in school we get all this lecture about the real meaning of this day... something that was more, balloons and stuff.
but as always at that mind was flying somewhere high in the sky and my ears were eavesdropping on the next group of people gossiping about the latest affairs :P
well that was about the time when having an affair was a taboo. But now it’s a different story... having someone by your side is like a social symbol :D
one more…