Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shame Shame Shame !!!

this weekend, i finally got an internet connection at my place... hah feels wonderful... :)
so, the first thing i did...yes of-course after Facebook... i tried to recover from my TV Deficiency Syndrome...
Oh Hello!!! i am not talking about those rubbish TV soaps, which start with a theme, and continue for at least 4-5  years, with the track long lost, people all changed(but the character same), half of them reborn-ed, the leads having plenty of kids with plenty different people, with different traits taking different revenges etc etc.

Anyways coming back to my point,
and towards the heading, i started with "Fear Files", making my way through "Webbed" to "Gumraah".
i don't know if all these are scripted or not, and seriously i couldn't care any less... but, they have to be inspired with something.

so... there was this story of a village, it was about this guy, his sister just got married after trying so long and hard to convince her parents, for the love of her life...

she cried and cried, and he was the one, who just after trying once, told her...it was a good idea to get married to this guy, their parents have chosen for her.

and on the same day...when she got married, he fell in love with a sweet,beautiful girl...the sad part was she belonged to a different caste, and considering the conservative thoughts his parents had, he was a lil scared. but he didn't want to lose her, no matter what happens.

looks just like some typical love story na?

but no it wasn't...it was a one-sided love...
no matter how much he loved her, she didn't have any such feelings for him. and the worst part was...he just didn't understand that.

just then an incident happened in their village, a guy raped a girl, and as punishment, Panchayat ordered him to marry her... (just because no one else will marry her??)
A round of applause needed !!!

with this the idea clicked in the guy's mind...yes! that a****** raped her. Easiest way wasn't it?

she told him, she didn't love him, don't do that... but no...
wasn't his love so great?

Well thankfully, the girl's father called the cops and the guy was arrested.
Else all the guys would have got their way...
Oh you like a gal, go rape her.
Her parents will marry her off to you.
Bullshit !

seriously shame on all those people
who can rape a gal, but no one will marry a rape victim?
you don't mind premarital or even extra-marital affairs, but you won't accept your wife talking to guys?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

it wasn't that difficuilt :)

this weekend i went on a trip to Delhi,
well being me... i was scrared...
and that combined with my fear of trains and railway stations.

there was some ceremony at my  Best Friend's place. and considering my previous records, if i have missed this one, i would have to
listen to her taunts  for at-least 2 years.
+ she had warned me, she won't come and visit me ever again.
So, This time i had no option for any "ifs" and "buts" kinda life-death issue for me :O

i am just waiting for science to develop such stuff...through which you can reach any other point(okay some 100 kms) with just one blink of eye...
you are at home...you get ready. you close your eyes...you open your eyes...aha! you are at office.
or may be like the Tom Cruise's Knight and Day...you are ready, someone gives you a drug....you woke up...you are at totally another place :D but every day use of some drug... nah :/

i almost begged my sister to accompany me...and finally she agreed, and hence we started the first (ours) train journey(which we would be able to remember, ofcourse if i just didn't get hurt on head and lose all my memory or just that portion, or got  Alzheimer or something...who knows.

i wish it was the time when our teachers would have asked us to write an essay on "My first train journey"
or something of that sort... coz i had so much i could mention.
considering the fact that we covered this journey... in Shatabdi... Kalka Shatabdi Express, to be very precise.
Chandigarh to Delhi.
i would have dedicated atleast 100 words to the details of the food they provided, and our views and people's reaction on that.

well...the arrival time for the train was 6:45am and departure  6:53am. OMG! just 8 min :O

my mom called to tell us that we must reach station atleast 15 min before the arrival time.
We were like, "yes Mumma"

the distance from my pg to railway station has never consumed more than 25 mins on scooty(well my friends visit me and i pick them up from station, and now it was my turn), but getting an auto at 5:30 in the morning was also something we were worried about.
And yes! we decided to leave at 5:30. and to get up get ready at that hour....NO!!!
so i opted for my previous technique, i bathed and washed my hairs at night...
considering the fact that
1. it would be able to get more sleep.
2. i can sleep again. if you didn't get it...i have already explained this concept of mine in some previous post, i will look for the link later :).

YES!  we made it...we were walking away from our pg, towards the main road...at 5:30am
(i don't know how i managed that)

we got an auto in just a couple of mins, hence reached Railway Station at 6 :(
and somehow passed those 45 mins, by talking, drinking horrible tea water, taking long walks on the platform. And wondering where our coach would be. Thankfully my friend on his last visit has told me that the coaches are interconnected, we were not that worried. else i would have asked every second person on the station- "Sir/Mam- do you have any idea where Coach 9 would be, when the train will arrive :O"
may be i should just tell that we saw number 9 written on a pillar and i told my sister that we will stand here, and she said Okay.
and we just needed to walk(almost run, God knows why ! ) a few meters. (facepalm)

And the train journey wasn't much exciting either...
we just enjoyed the luxury of travelling when you have a seat, and the standing people not putting half their weight on your shoulders. actually no standing people...such a relief that is.
you could breathe easily...no suffocation, no liquor smell...
 it really was a heaven for someone who has to travel in Haryana Roadways every week :(

and the journey was okay... we had our headphones plugged in...a nice guy was sitting just opposite...so...
it was good!
(i am sure my mam would have agreed with this point as well :P)

Monday, 7 October 2013

a suspended coffee...

well, i saw this title and read it again, just in case my thoughts are playing with me again.(what i mean is, sometimes i read something, and just when i am finished i realize, i have no idea what i read...not because it was some different language or something...but because my mind was engaged somewhere else)
but it was the same- a suspended "coffee..."
and i asked myself what is the meaning of a suspended coffee... and i read this
i entered a little coffee house with a friend of mine and gave our order. While we were approaching our table, two people came in and went to the counter -
‘Five coffees, please. Two of them for us and three suspended’
They paid for their order, took the two and left . I asked my friend:
‘What are those ‘suspended’ coffees ?’
‘Wait for it and you will see’
More people entered. Two girls asked for one coffee each, paid and left . The next order was for seven coffees and it was made by three lawyers – three for them and four ‘suspended’. While I still wondered what was the deal with those ‘suspended’ coffees I enjoyed the sunny weather and the beautiful view towards the square in front of the cafĂ©.
Suddenly a man dressed in shabby clothes who looked like a beggar came in through the door and kindly asked, ’Do you have a suspended coffee ?’
It’s simple – people paid in advance for a coffee meant for someone who could not afford a warm beverage.
The tradition with the suspended coffees started in Naples, but it has spread all over the world and in some places you can order not only a suspended coffee, but also a sandwich or a whole meal.

i really love it... this culture... seems like  classy way to help people, not like us Indians... 
giving up stuff when we do not need them anymore.... 
not even like people asking for money at roadsides, and we feel as if giving them money for food is more like paying for their drugs and other addictions.
and not to forget, our dear hosts may fill their own pockets

Monday, 26 August 2013


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Monday, 19 August 2013

talking about nothing...

have you ever felt like...you are feeling nothing ???

you don't care what all is going on around you. you don't care what the person sitting next to you is saying.

you just don't care when some one is shouting on you

a moment when your day, your life seem so meaningless.
as if you are dragging yourself to the next minute, next hour, next day...
you are not sad, you are not happy, not even disappointed... you don't feel like speaking, sharing it with any one...more because you have no idea what it is about.

if yes...then its fine.
trust me...you are perfectly normal :)
give yourself some time...
its just a phase that will pass.

Monday, 22 July 2013

A day with nature...

Finally i am here, writing something again...
i won't say meaningful or useful because that's least of my concerns.

well, its been a while since i wrote my last post "here",  because i have a busy schedule (not jobless anymore, thank heavens! ), and "here" because i have written a couple of sheets, all rubbish. it was as if, i will start
 something and after 10-15 lines, i will get bored of typing and move on !!!

last week we went on an offsite trip to Manali. 
cutting the crap- it was raining, that meant no river rafting, no para gliding, nothing.

but trust me it was AWESOME !!!
people were saying- oh! its so boring! why we said yes for the trip? We have nothing to do.... blah blah blah

but i loved it... that feeling when you have nothing to do, nothing at all.
i have switched off my internet connection for 72 hours, and i loved it. when you don't have some stupid people saying hi! just because you can message through internet.
when you like pics and random texts just because you feel like doing something.
when your definition of being social is- liking pics, saying hi, and just commenting on pics and texts.

you click pics, to make memories, to make jokes, to keep that moment with you and not just for some social network.

for those 2 days, i almost felt like a waterwoman.

we had our own games, like who can keep their feet in water longer???

throwing stones in water and then trying to figure out which one went far
(as if with every pebble i have thrown a worry,
or i have thrown pebbles on people i don't like)

throwing in pebbles on a certain rock, lying in between the water, and feeling good even if you missed.

going far and far in the water, making our way, stepping on stones, falling and then getting up, then again falling and then again getting up :)
, God! that was amazing and terrifying :)

i like it, some time for your ownself, some time away from the life you live. some time  

Friday, 19 July 2013

love ;)

How do I start? 
What do I say? 
I love you and you take my breath away?
Do I say hold me tight, be my side day or night? 
So how do I start?
I start like this hold me, love me, teach me, motivate me to do something great.
Now that I've started how do I end? 
I end like this 

love is about how you get to know someone, and you want to know a lil more.

its when you are friends, you are enemies and you also act like siblings.
you know his weakness, he know yours. 
and still you both are in love , so much in love
that you together form that perfect bond. 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

we know what we don't want...

its a phrase you must have heard infinite number of times, but something like " i want that" is a rare event, yes! i am talking about "us" -girls.
its about me, you and every other girl out there(almost :P).

well. for me its always like this.
going for a party, oh! i don't want to wear western. no...no not even indo-western.
in the deepest of our heart we know what we want...
but we will never say what it is.

we may try 50 dresses, still say...ah i don't have clothes

while ordering dinner, it's always like, ah i don't want south indian, no chinese, not even indian.
then what?
well, for our male counterparts its the most irritating one. :)
and guess what we know that.
but sometimes its just not so easy... i mean even if you have all the options in front of you, you always want the best. something you won't regret later.

may be you think  its such a dumb thing,
but that's how we are
so, bEaR it :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

help today...to be helped tomorrow...

since past couple of years the news about rape, murder, mis-behaving are so common that you just hear about it and forget. its just like a day-to-day event.
actually we people adapt ourselves to things really fast...mainly to the worst ones.

today only a friend of mine friend narrated us an incident, where she has witnessed such an instance.
she was on the terrace of her pg (paying guest) with her friend
they saw a guy...at a small distance facing the main entrance.
and then they saw three girls...at their door steps...
the guy pulled down his zipper  and huh that bastard just pleased himself.

and the girls knocked on their door.
but they(my friend and her friend) just tried to hide.
because they didn't want to be seen...didn't want any problems in their lives.

just after a few seconds, the guy ran away, and the girls walked towards their rented house(or pg).

i stared at her in disbelief..."you didn't shout"
she said- "no., he didn't do anything to harm them"
 i said- "what ? you mean this was nothing?"
she said- "it was horrible, but this is not the first time it happened. the same guy has done same thing so many times before. some have complained but no one want to support them"
i said- "and what are you people waiting for? him to hurt someone or what?"

she said- "what could i have done? it was so horrible."
i said-" it was horrible, okay...but have you thought about those girls. "
she said- "what about those girls, they are stupid, which good girl goes for walk at 11pm."
i said- "you girls are yourself talking like this, now how can we expect something from others(guys and govt..)
she said-" we were not in a state to do anything.and those gals didn't do anything. they could have picked up a stone and hurt him."
i said- "firstly you are talking that it was horrible, and they were in his reach, and yes may be they would have hurted him if he had tried to hurt any of them.(mental damage is already done)"
and you were in safe premises. your door was locked  with n no of people inside, all you needed to do was shout on him. "
she said- "i don't think it would have helped. and its easy to say, when you face something like this you just go numb."
i said- "stop this non-sense, you just didn't want to help them."
she said- "yes i didn't. but why are you so concerned? he didn't hurt them."
i said- "i am concerned because, i know it very well that if he continues like this, that day is not so far when he will start hurting people. and then rape will not be a distant thought for him
and the saddest part is, today its them, tomorrow it could be you or me.
and i surely don't want any of this."

and she turned away in anger saying -"i shouldn't have told you."

but here i am, questions still popping in my head.

it was so damn uncomfortable for me to mention all this here, but can we avoid this conversation? can we just let it happen.
can we just let these f*****g bastards come and do anything to anyone, rape, murder, acid attack---just anything just to  please themselves???

Monday, 1 July 2013

every paper has a story in itself...

have you ever heard the sound of "tearing a paper"

of course you did...
but try it once again...
it will sing the song of your heart...the exact way you are feeling.

i love to write, so yes i have a big stack of notebooks and journals at my place. and time to time many of them have faced my wrath, my happiness, my joys , my fears...

sometimes its like breaking up from your past,  tearing away a part of your soul...
it hurts, to throw away what you created, that's why we just keep some pieces with us...hidden somewhere...
until you let it go.

and someday, while clearing up your mess, you will see them

again...and realize you have moved on :)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

what if i die tomorrow???

aha.. don't worry... no motivational or inspirational message here. and i am not seriously planning to die.
but the thing is 

everyone says... life is short... you cannot predict when you will die. any moment could be your last.
well m not worried about it. because if it is destined to happen it will happen. and frankly i am so damn lazy to do anything about it,.

coming back to my point. 
talking about death and stuff...i have different worries and concerns.

a few days back, i asked my sister to promise me one thing...
and it was, if something happens to  me, what about the stuff i own?

i mean there is nothing much to worry about the bank accounts, they are pretty much empty one week after i get my salary.

but what about my laptop, phone, mp3 player???
 i just asked her to have them all...and format them , leaving no traces of its ex-owner.

and now talking again about my promise... i told her to be the only person to have access to my stuff. and by my stuff i mean everything...from the clothes i adore to ones i have never worn.
from accessories i bought for others and never gifted(i loved them for myself) to the ones i got from others may be as gifts.

from the cosmetics i bought just because i love their advertisement to ones i ever used.

from soft toys i bought for myself, to one cards i got from my friends.

well, i don't regret any of it... seriously... maybe you will call me stubborn or spoiled, i just don't care. this promise is just for the people who love poking their noses in other's business, who care about other's life more than they care about themselves.
but i surely don't regret it.
because... it was my life...my moments, my(my parent's)money...just mine.
and i loved every part of it.

Monday, 10 June 2013

a day at railway station...

seems like the essay report na...that we were to write in for our english or hindi exams.

well that was the first thought i had when i visited railway station...followed by so many-stupidest thought.

here it goes.
Yesterday i went to railway station...here in the city beautiful.
i had to receive a friend of mine. 
frankly speaking i used to have these weird ideas related to train journeys , most importantly the railway station.

thanks to our bollywood movies, i had this misconception that no matter what, you have to run after the train.
i was sure that " someone giving you a hand and all" is a movie-thing. but yes... you have to run after train.
actually being paranoid, i haven't much traveled in train. well truly speaking its just four times I have got lucky. And of these four, two i can't remember...because i was a small kid back then. and was traveling with my parents, so i guess it was their concern.

and the one other time, i was going to college (Panipat from Karnal) and due to bus-strike i was forced to take the train. huh:( and i faced the biggest issue of the lifetime- where exactly was i supposed to stand on the platform 
to get to my respective boggy ON TIME.  even on the fourth one wasn't a help, in getting over this fear. huh

i was supposed to go to KURUKSHETRA from my hometown(KAITHAL) for some stupid exam.
i left home at 5:45, that means i woke up at 5(haaha hatered started from there only)
and then there were almost ..i don't know..i don't know how to give a rough idea about no of people just by looking at their density or intensity.

anyways we somehow managed to enter in...and then luckily we got some decent space to stand...

so, when yesterday i went to receive him, i couldn't bring myself to enter in the platform area, instead i waited in parking...yes i thought people really get lost out there.

but i found out that i needed to drop him back in the evening. so i thought it was a good chance to experience the craziness in the platform area. and this is what i found out-
people sitting or standing or sleeping,...on the floor or a few uncomfortable seats they could find...and waiting for their trains.

announcements every few seconds... you got to know about your train n- no of times before it arrives. where n=5*min left.

when your train arrives, you can hear it all around you...from announcing lady, people around you...and even the KULIs.

and yes, you can see the train, far before it reaches the station. and all you have to do is see the sequence of the boggies and find yours.

and then i asked my friend, what if i am standing far away from mine. 
he smiled and said... these boxes are interconnected and then i was relieved with an answer to my long time battle with the misconception about trains :-P

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

and she said...look, I'm no victim

i read this article...and once again i don't know what to do. to be sad, to cry about these gals who have and are sufferring so much , just because of some douchebag.
or to be happy that no one around me has seen any of this...or never disclosed
hence giving a fake relief.

this victim would like to speak out. Not on behalf of other "victims", because each perpetration of sexual violence, fondling, verbal abuse, intent even, is different for each person. I want to speak out because I believe that the shame the victims of sexual abuse feel is one of the reasons sexual abuse continues to occur in our society. Victims hide the abuse so they are not branded either a "victim" or a "slut", or become known primarily for that act of violence, rather than for the many and multifarious good things they may have done since – raised a family, written a book, gained a PhD, in my case.
I was abused when I was 11, by a friend of my parents. Joe doesn't fit any of the stereotypes people are looking for in the media. He was married. He was an alcoholic. He had known me since I was in my mother's belly. He had once tried to date my Aunt. He had a nickname for me, "lucky devil", because I'd once used the phrase, when I was four, about my elder sister.
He abused me twice, two afternoons in the Easter holiday when my parents were out. I remember my vest, my favourite white and pink polka dot vest. I never wear anything with dots now. Avoid them. I remember climbing the wall away from his hands. I remember the second time, his wife coming in and saying "leave the child alone". I remember she bought me an Asterix book – hardback – Asterix and the Normans. His beautiful copperplate handwriting wrote in the front "To Lucky Devil – Happy Easter". I still won't have a copy of that book in the house.
He gave me an envelope with two one pound notes in it – ostensibly to pay for the telephone calls he made from my parents' phone. It was an envelope with a Mr Men character on it – Mr Blind (how ironic!) – with his handwriting on it. I took the two pounds and hid the envelope under a floorboard in the attic, and it remained there like a ticking heart, for my whole childhood, until we moved when I was 16. The night before we moved, I climbed up there and retrieved it and burned it outside my window with a cigarette lighter. My father asked me over and over again where the envelope was – Joe had told him he'd left it – but Dad came to the conclusion that the man was a drunk and a liar. I took the money because I suppose my 11-year-old self thought it was mine. I kept the secret and the envelope there, because it meant the secret was real.
I became unhappy. "You were always moody," my mother says. I cried a lot throughout my teenage years. I drank, from various bottles of spirits stored in my parents' cupboards. I cut myself with razorblades. I smoked from the age of 16, became anorexic, and most significantly slept with boys from a young age: because it was a choice I was making. Everything I did, said: I am choosing what I do with my body, but my mind doesn't know how to cope. At 11, I was a very quiet, studious child who read books fast – I was precociously bright. I wanted to be a "scientist", but from that age – the first Easter break in my first year at secondary school – my grades slipped and slipped. At 17, I was going toward a pretty terrible adulthood. And then two things happened. Joe wrote to tell my parents he was coming to England and could he come to stay? My younger sister was 11. I broke down – threw a huge, melodramatic fit. Told my mother that Joe couldn't come to stay. I still can't really talk about that moment – when Dad realised what had happened, and cried. When I was asked – what did you do?
The second thing that happened was I made a friend called Tom. He saved my life. He talked to me, was kind, affable, decent. We were friends who went to the theatre and wrote to each other and met in parks and laughed, though we had other boyfriends and girlfriends. And then we fell in love and that's that. We have four children, have been married 25 years. We're fine. I told him about Joe and he made me see counsellors at university about the anorexia and bulimia. He loves me without question. That's how I remain undamaged, not a victim, head held high in the world.
Sharing this is horrible – but you see, this is how it continues to be perpetrated. When I was 11, I had no language, despite having read most of the English canon of novels, to speak about the part of the body Joe touched. As I grew older, the pain of it grew with me and mutated me. How to explain that? And when we are adults, we don't want to talk about it because we've found ways to cope with it.
We don't say: look, I'm fine, despite you. We don't say: look, I'm no victim. We don't say: anyone touches my children and I'll kill them (not in public anyway). We don't want the pain of talking about it. And more importantly, we don't want to be judged for that significant act. The people who have come forward now, in their thousands, perhaps feel the same as me: why be defined by the Saviles, the Halls, the endless weird, isolated men who have been arrested recently?
The first to come forward and be identified in the media, have given others the confidence to do so, and this is a good thing. But it is noticeable that only a very few are giving their names to the media.
Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus will always be defined as kidnap victims, rather than the women they will become: people who I hope will grow, change, become better than what happened to them, and live fulfilling lives. Sufferers of abuse are not "victims", not even "survivors" – we're brilliant, wonderful human beings, out there in the world, avenging ourselves on a daily basis by living well.
• Because of the personal and sensitive nature of this piece, comments will be premoderated

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Importance of Happiness

Happiness is one of the most essential aspects of a person’s life. The feeling of positivity which takes its roots from healthy self-esteem serves to influence and inspire you and the people around you to be the best that they can be. Despite life’s many challenges and curveballs, it is important to acknowledge all experiences as part of a learning process which will ultimately serve to enlighten you as to your purpose in life. However, in this day and age of materialism, peer pressure, mixed messages and a general blurring of the demarcation between “right” and “wrong”, it is very easy to get caught up in the inevitable web of confusion, frustration and ultimately, depression. Here are some ways by which you can ensure that your happiness quotient remains sky high and brimming with positivity, no matter how challenging the circumstances.
Everything happens for a reason, even the things which one would question the existence of because they make us sad. With the joy of giving birth to a new life comes the pain and sorrow of dealing with the death of a loved one. For every triumphant athlete who wins the race, there are others behind her who will experience the frustration and dejection of loss. For every jilted lover who goes through the trauma of humiliation, rejection and loss, there is a person who is experiencing the thrill, rush and excitement of a blossoming romance. It is important for those who did not win the race to understand that they can always try harder during the next race; for the jilted lovers to overcome their pain and realize that they are free to continue their quest for companionship, and therefore, for both of them to go through the cycle of emotions. Once this is achieved, they would have cleansed all feelings of negativity from their systems. They now have a chance to attain happiness once again by re-affirming their self-worth.
Emotions come naturally to all living beings. In other words, all living beings experience joy, sadness, anger, pain and other feelings. For human beings, peace of mind and a positive attitude are very basic, but elusive character attributes which can be harnessed and channelled in an effective way to contribute towards personal and professional growth, and can do much good to the world if shared with other people. Happiness is not restricted to smiling and laughing, it is about being at peace with one’s self, and about having a clear conscience which is free from worry and stress. Yoga, Meditation and even treatments involving Aroma therapy [the use of essential oils as part of a spiritual awakening process], help this spiritual cleansing process and allow much-needed self-introspection.
It is important to be happy, for the sake of one’s health and indeed, wealth as well. An unhappy person is not focussing his energies on being productive; whereas a happy person will gladly focus on improving their own productivity and will extend support to those who need it. Happy people are said to give off positive vibes and influence others to continue the trend.
An unhappy world is an unproductive world, and a happy population filled with joyful, enthusiastic people who are united in their efforts to tackle life’s challenges is one which will develop faster and produce balanced personalities, great thinkers and winners in every sphere. Be happy therefore, no matter how tough life might become, it will get better.

Guest article from www.glad2bawoman.com. Glad2bawoman is an online media company for women with over 77,000 members. The articles on their site encompass various topics around Health, Empowerment, Relationships, Leisure and Fashion. 

Monday, 6 May 2013

my best friend...

i was crying...i was so damn hurt...almost unbearable...i didn't wanted to live...felt like it was oVER...
and then 
a person said- "i am with you"
staying up all night...just to make sure that i am alright.  giving me everything... not almost but everything...no matter how weird or stupid my wish was. bearing with me in the worst of my times...telling me that i am not alone.
saving money for my crazy-stupid dreams...spending even the last penny for my hobbies.
standing up for me...no matter who is against...trusting me no matter how badly i fell.
(have the proofs as well...huh :) )
yes...i have a best friend...the best of all...and that too...with a commitment for LIFETIME.

may be that's why they say...if you have an elder sister...life would be a cake walk for you.

but yes T&C applies...lolz

she is my biggest and worst critic...you know why...because she knew me...even the deepest of my secrets...my thoughts...my feelings.

no matter what the situation is...i can go to her... because i know...she will never lie to me+ her truth no matter how hurting it is...will come with an ointment...that too an effective one.

well...whatever i just said is nothing in comparison to what she is...not just for me...but for ALMOSt everyone :P

i just hope...i could give her atleast 1/(10 raise to the power infinity) of what she has given me. 

love you.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

isn't it beautiful ???

He wondered what just happened...
Days turning nights..nights turning days.. something was sure kept for mending
Passing moments made him loose what he held tightly...
Solace from the dear ones wasn't helping...
Kept in the dark...he felt everything blooming unlikely...
Door was kept ajar...the wind blew slow...
he saw someone...
wasn't sure whether it was his hurting eyes...or the person's glow...
He gathered strength...made himself stand...
Shall he or shall not he grab the signalling strand...
Bestowed by the mercy he got...
he walked...ohh he walked far....
leaving behind ... he ran with a recovering scar...
Vengeance was on the mind... when he thought of how he bled...
He had an aim.. to drop each one of them just... Dead...
Somehow hate changed to mercy...mercy changed to love...
wasn't too easy to turn an ugly duck into a dove..
He felt good...He felt new crispness in the air...
He wondered what just happened ....
everything just seemed fair....



In an interesting turn of events, i sit silently.... observing.... people going in or out of my life.... People who were there are long gone.... People who i never thought of, came much close... i sit there smiling... preserving... and.... cherishing each moment..... 

A desperate desire to change the present....
An unchangeable past... an unseen future...
Do we really have something to repent?
Something to cherish...Something to remember...
Change once forsaken...eagerly waited now every december...
Bonds changed so did one's life...
Once felt... now moulded to something new...
Hoping things to reveal themselves unglued...
You might not appreciate the change now...
but you will understand its worth someday somehow...
you may ponder...
Why it was necessary why it had to come...
life will give all the answers..
proving why all of this came undone...
Hold on tightly it is surely going to be a bumpy ride...
Watch the pieces fall in place when your destiny strides...


Friday, 26 April 2013


 a few days back...
sitting in our office cafeteria ...when we saw this headline...
"5 yr old girl raped"


yes that was our first reaction....and yes it was an obvious one.

How could someone be so inhuman...so...whatever....
every word seem so small...so respectful in comparison to what we should call these people.

such an awful thing...the guy must be insane... doing something so horrible to a sweet little girl.
Yes i hate being a part of this country... this world.

see this gal... you won't even call her a girl... your first reaction would be... a baby gal...or just a baby...or angel...or something so cute...so sweet.

and see what you have done to her...

have we forgotten the girl...raped a few months back... oh! i am so sorry...there are so many gals being raped every minute...or atleast every hour in our country...how would you people even know which one i am talking about.

so... cutting the crap...i am talking about the gal...raped in the bus...by those animals...well i guess animals will never forgive me for using their name for such bastards.

OMG! i just used an abusive word... oh no... o must not. 
you know why?

because we  live in a democratic country.
here everyone has the right to say and do whatever they feel like...but T & C apply.

you are a citizen of democratic country...wear whatever you feel like. 
but if you are raped...don't come rushing to us...because if you wear shorts or revealing clothes you are provoking males.

yes...you have the RIGHT to say...whatever you feel like... but you have to bear the consequences... if you are \abusing someone... basically a male... no matter what the reason is...even if he has killed someone...
he still has the power to give you the lesson of the lifetime...in any way he feels good...because he is the MAN. the dominating one. 

oh...you want to marry the person of your choice...don't worry.
just make sure 
1)you were not married when you were 2 or 3 years old.
2) the people living in 100KMs area around your house...have more rights on you then your biological mother and father. so...do they agree?
3)the guy must not  be from your village...or from your caste...or ah..so mant criterias...why don't you find some alien...
OH NO m sorry... inter-caste is not even allowed.
4)you still don't understand...ok...go and do whatever you feel like...but if any of you people or you both are killed  it will be your and just your responsibility.
......N more.

well i guess... 

expecting humanity from people who can even hurt a 1 year old child for God knows what... is bullshit.

i haven't written anything about that incident or any other of that sort...because i know it won't make any difference.
people are angry...the are asking for justice...they are shouting...
but what?

\the victim will die in the hospital...or she will kill herself today or tomorrow. or may be if she is daring enough...and her family is caring enough...trust me...her life will be a lot more than hell. 

 those losers...those *** 
their faces will still be covered...

more heinous the act, more security you got.

may be you will be punished someday for what you did... but that gal...and all others...their parents... 
they will always have these nightmares in bright daylight.


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