Monday, 31 December 2012

you got to be kidding me...

Oh some one is singing...'single ladies' ahh its my cell phone... No i just don't want to talk to anyone...i wish i could shut down my ears too...just like my eyes...

Why the hell i chose such loud music as my ringtone...
Seriously,Sleep is something so precious...that it makes you hate...even the things you  are crazy about.

At last...without looking at the screen...i pressed the connect button...and waited for the person to speak...ah i don't even feel like speaking.

Caller- hey.  its me...GOD. How are you my child?
Me- what the hell??
I looked at the screen... And there in red bold...was written GOD.
Caller- honey...have send you to Earth...i guess...lemme check with your docs. Yes... You are on Earth.
Me- you got to be kidding me... Who the hell are you? And its 3 this the time to call someone.
Caller- child...i know, you were asleep. But you owe me this much...don't you?
Me- what? Oh God!
Caller-see you call me almost every matter what happens...good or bad... You say my name... And i came help just in case you are in some trouble.
Me- ah... Comeon. When was the last time you have helped me.
Caller- when you were crying...remembering your friend...i made you sleep.
Me-but if you are god...then you are the reason we are not together anymore.
Caller- no... You two were not meant to be together. It would have caused even more pain later.
Me-Dont try to fool me. If you are..god then you must have powers...and you could have even changed that.  a lil twist..and no tears.
Caller- but what about the person...who is meant for you. Who is perfect for you.
Me- but what i felt for my guy.., i can never feel for anyone. And what you left me with? Hurt and pain.
Caller- i know my child. And i am sorry for your pain. but its not a loss. U have learned so much from this.
Me- what? Not to love again? Not to trust anyone?
Caller-no. But not to trust everyone. See my child- i give you people choices. One of a kind. Now its on you what you chose. I gave you reasons not to be with him. But you made your choice.
Me- but you cannot get anyone perfect. At some have to compromise.
Caller- have to. But compromising doen't mean...stop loving yourself...for loving someone else.
Me- but i didn't wanted to hurt him.
Caller- so you got hurt yourself? You all are equal to me. If you are in pain... My heart aches. My all children are equal for me.
Me-hmm... So he is the same. I hate him. And so i hate you.
Caller- hmm...i know you hate me. But you know child has hurted my other child. That pains so much.
Me- in that case , and considering today's must be on high dose of pain killers.
Caller- you making fun of your God... But that's cool... That is also something you have smile and joke in hardest of times.
Me- okay listen it was fun talking to please tell who are you...or am gonna put the phone down.
Caller- so you don't even trust me. can i make you trust me?
Me- are must know better.
Caller- matter how angry you are on me...or how much you hate pray each night...just before you go to sleep.
Me- ah don't give me that. Almost everyone is taught by their parents to do so.
Caller-yes...but only a few do.
Caller-i know how much you hated that girl...who lived in next house to yours. You even punctured her car 5 times.
Me- ahh... All my friends know about that.
 Caller- but do they all know how much you have cried when she died of cancer last year? You haven't even written about that in your journal.
Me- i didn't.
Caller- oh comeon accept that.  now is it enough as proof.
Me- no. Maybe you have seen me crying that day.
Caller- oh.. You are a tough girl..hmm... Ask for something and you will have
Me- i don't need anything.
Caller- oh my child...i have something that you will love...
( a box just appeared out of nowhere)
(i opened it)
me- oh my god...its my favourite sketch...the one i made of maself...and have gifted him. And he has torn it into pieces just because of a stupid fight.
Caller- so now you believe me?
Me- no. I don't. I can't.
Caller- oh what else can i do for you...why silence?   anyways i was going through your last few prayers...and its pretty much clear don't believe that i exist...and if i do...then i don't care about you.
Me- so...isn't it all true.
Caller- no my child. I can never do that. I am just so busy in planning a perfect future for you...
Me-by messing up with my present.
Caller- that's the way you look at things.
Me- aah comeon...what's the point in dying happily when you have spend whole your life crying?
 leave all that. Firstly tell me why have you called me.
Caller-i need a favour from you.
me- what?
Caller-i want you to spread a message of all the people in this world.
me-ah...don't act that lazy...just put it on facebook wall and its done.
Caller- what is facebook?
me- you got to be kidding don't know about facebook. i can't buy that.
Caller- really i don't. and you have to trust me. i am God. and God never lies.
me-hha. stop it now.
Caller- what?
me- what what?
Caller- you are making fun of God.
me- who started?
Caller- there's no use of arguing with you. are you sure my message will reach all my children.
me- chill yaar...almost wevery living being is on fb.
Caller- thankyou...won't you even ask what my message is?
me- chill buddy...i am regular on fb. i will get it..whatever it is.(in mind-if its worth reading)
Caller- what do you mean by "worth reading"?
me- i was do you know...ahh God thing.
Caller- yeah. temme.
me- in nutshell...whatever your message is..make it attractive. add whatever you feel likeelse no one will read.
Caller- what do mean? they won't read God's message?
me- mmm,.,,just try to create an account first...i am sure everything related to God is already in use...
so...there's no other option buddy.

line got disconnected...


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