Tuesday, 4 September 2012

my latest crush.. :P

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well, truely speaking i am thankful to snapdeal.com for showing me...how amazing it is to shop...well, living in a small city where you have a limited no of shops, out of which your parents suggest a few for you...its really really difficuilt for you to shop what you really want...okay, we get what we need but in most of the cases its not what we wanted...

have done my graduation living in hostel in a much bigger city...well, not a metro city but it workrd well, i got the access to VARIETIES. but soon after finishing my college i was departed back to my home town...lolz...

frankly, i love my hometown, but sometimes, we need to pay for things we love.

due to the limited stack here, i hated to shop, so even after college i asked my mother and elder sister to shop for me...and most of the times it worked...but as i said, i got what i needed but not what i wanted.

thanx to my college mates, i got an addiction...."READING NOVELS"

it was like my bread and butter, so when i couldn't get it in my city, i asked people for options...like my delhi-hite friend to courier the novels for me....
and one day i came to know abut this online shopping thing, and i immediately got a new account and got online banking activated. and since then, i deposit a good part of my pocket money and then my salary to that account...and i was on cloud seven...
and then, it was my hobby to search foor new authors, new creations and everything....and then one day...i found a classy, elagant and beautiful silver bangle...on snapdeal.com, i didn't cost me much....around one-third of a novel's price, so, i thought why shouldn't i take a shot????
and with a few clicks and a few day's patience, it came to me, at my doorstep...
and i was so scared... i didn't wanted to be called a stupid, for ordering without actually trying something...(you can say virtually) it was just about 135 rs... but meant so much to me... but when i tried....wow....i love it.

my first online shopping. :)

and now, i am that much addicted to online shopping that my novels library must be jealous of my wardrobe :P

well, the best things about these sites- these provide you with a wide range of options, that may confuse you...but at least everyone has something( prices and sizes), secondly these are pretty safe, the packaging these people provide along with "track your order facility" its worth a shot....and thirdly return policy, where else can you be so free to shop??"

well there's one more point- COD-"CASH ON DELIVERY" but i won't say anything about that, because we didn't have this facility here till now :(.
so...its really worth a shot :)

just one thing left-"haven't tried footwears till now"

but thanx to these trustworthy sites, i am gonna try them soon. :)
so, thanku snapdeal, flipkart, shopnineteen,jabong, infruit...everyone...

people try and try....there is nothing to loose :)


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