Saturday, 29 September 2012

do one thing-

Even if you were to study your own life in detail and relive each moment that you suffered, sweated and smiled beneath the sun, you would still never know exactly when you had been useful to someone else.
A life is never useless. Each soul that came down to Earth is here for a reason.
The people who really help others are not trying to be useful, but are simply leading a useful life. They rarely give advice, but serve as an example.
Do one thing: live the life you always wanted to live. Avoid criticising others and concentrate on fulfilling your dreams. This may not seem very important to you, but God, who sees all, knows that the example you give is helping Him to improve the world. And each day, He will bestow more blessings upon it.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

lets go for a walk :)

for me...and for most of the people i know...the ultimate solution to all the problems of this stuupid life is
just one- lets go for a walk :)

no matter how busy you can take time for a walk...if you don't want to confess that you are stressed...or even depressed...just give some health excuse.


walking with someone...just doesn't mean to match your steps...but to live parallely for a while...
people consider it romantic...but its so much friendly...

i still remember...when we have just stepped in our teens...there was a quote everywhere...on cards...posters...messages...

a husband is a person who walks ahead you...
a lover is the one who will follow you...
but the friend is the onluy one who will walk with you :)

sometimes i think so crazy we are...we are ourselves so emotional, romantic, poetic...but when someone says he like poetry...or someone sends a philosophical message, we are like... "GET A LIFE"

keeping all this in i left from home...with my mom...
it was walk time :)

we were walking so if crawling...but it seems so right.. :)
as if there are no worries...we know we have nothing to think about...nothing to work on...nothing to be worried about...until we reach home :)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Let me breathe freely, the least I want...

Prologue: Sneha, A sweet innocent girl, who has recently joined a college for fulfilling her set of limited dreams...


I entered mom was in kitchen...
She called my name...but today for the first time in my life, i ignored her..i went directly in my room, bolting the door...i didn't have any courage left..tears started falling from my eyes...
I wanted to shout...i wanted to cry...but the only thing i could manage was a sob.
My father knocked on the door...i washed my face and opened the door.
Papa- 'why are you crying baby?, Its are at are safe'. My sobs turned into cry.. mumma came in...she hugged me tightly...and said...'bacha you should have told us'

Only thing i could manage was a silent node in between my cries.

I can't even remember how long i have held these many days...weeks...months. It really appeared as an age.

The very first day in my new college...ragging period was still on...and it was totally fine...untill he came in my way...

I was late for my lecture...and suddenly a guy came in front of me...i was shocked...we almost collapsed.. I said sorry...but he just smiled and left..after the lecture when i was going to library...the same thing happened...this time i felt so weird and uncomfortable...but there was no crease on his forehead. It seemed that the guy is clear with his courses, although in the first place I made up my mind too- 'I hate this guy'

I ignored him...i stayed in groups all the time...
And then one day...after exam when i was leaving for brother was coming to pick me up...i was talking to him...when suddenly someone held my hand...and turned me forcefully... With shocked eyes i saw him standing right in front of me.
He said'sneha,i am karan. And i like you. Give me your phone number'

Suddenly a lecturer was passing from there...and he left my hand. I day i got a call from him... And i was shocked...and then messages...i ignored and ignored...finally i changed my number. But the college drama was still on.
I didn't know what to do... I hate the guy...the way he said he likes if i am just an asset he wanna have...and according to him...he will have.

Well i have many options... I can complaint to the college authorities, can inform my parents, my brother...but i didn't because my friend pooja told me that karan is the son of some politician. And i can't do anything...she told me to stay away from his way...until he got interested in someone new.
I stayed at home for a week ... I hated college... And then last week i got a call was from him...he asked me why i am not attending college. I disconnected...and there was a queue of messages. 'he wanted to see me,talk to me'. I was scared and so angry...i was frustrated with his daily torture...i picked his call yesterday... he asked me to come to college the next day..and i did.

I entered college gate sharp at 9...and as expected he was waiting for me outside my class...
He asked me to go with him to cafeteria...i said no...say whatever you want to...i am listening.he forced...but i was like a stone now.
Finally he said-he likes me...and want to go out with me. And i said- why?

He said-because i like you.
I said-so?
He said- i like you...and you will be my girlfriend.
I said- but i don't like its a clear no. And now don't make my life a torture.
( i was afraid...thinking about the acid  attacks and murders...i was half dead)
.he was turning into a zombie now...he was shouting-what do you think of yourself...who are you...
I said- i am just an average girl...trying to live my life...hiding my dreams behind these books,trying to be happy with the way i have to live...the way i have to that the guys don't look at if doing an X-ray.trying not to laugh aloud...just to stay unnoticed...facing people like you each day...bearing this torture...when only thing i wanted to do is to slap right in your face...but i don't because i don't know who you are...i know you can hurt me...and my family...but the last thing i could ever want is the threat on my family... So i chose the path you took my words,my voice... Atleast let me breathe now.

And suddenly my teacher came...he asked him to leave...and called my father..and i ran...

And now sitting here in my mother's arms...she is trying to console me...

Wiping my tears...i said-papa please...i want to study please won't happen again...please.
Papa-you are not going anywhere now...stay at home. Your brother will go with you for your finals.

And i just went for a shower...and when after an hour i came to the living room...we all know...nothing happened.

Life,sometimes, has its own ways for everything.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

my latest crush.. :P

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well, truely speaking i am thankful to for showing amazing it is to shop...well, living in a small city where you have a limited no of shops, out of which your parents suggest a few for you...its really really difficuilt for you to shop what you really want...okay, we get what we need but in most of the cases its not what we wanted...

have done my graduation living in hostel in a much bigger city...well, not a metro city but it workrd well, i got the access to VARIETIES. but soon after finishing my college i was departed back to my home town...lolz...

frankly, i love my hometown, but sometimes, we need to pay for things we love.

due to the limited stack here, i hated to shop, so even after college i asked my mother and elder sister to shop for me...and most of the times it worked...but as i said, i got what i needed but not what i wanted.

thanx to my college mates, i got an addiction...."READING NOVELS"

it was like my bread and butter, so when i couldn't get it in my city, i asked people for my delhi-hite friend to courier the novels for me....
and one day i came to know abut this online shopping thing, and i immediately got a new account and got online banking activated. and since then, i deposit a good part of my pocket money and then my salary to that account...and i was on cloud seven...
and then, it was my hobby to search foor new authors, new creations and everything....and then one day...i found a classy, elagant and beautiful silver bangle...on, i didn't cost me much....around one-third of a novel's price, so, i thought why shouldn't i take a shot????
and with a few clicks and a few day's patience, it came to me, at my doorstep...
and i was so scared... i didn't wanted to be called a stupid, for ordering without actually trying something...(you can say virtually) it was just about 135 rs... but meant so much to me... but when i love it.

my first online shopping. :)

and now, i am that much addicted to online shopping that my novels library must be jealous of my wardrobe :P

well, the best things about these sites- these provide you with a wide range of options, that may confuse you...but at least everyone has something( prices and sizes), secondly these are pretty safe, the packaging these people provide along with "track your order facility" its worth a shot....and thirdly return policy, where else can you be so free to shop??"

well there's one more point- COD-"CASH ON DELIVERY" but i won't say anything about that, because we didn't have this facility here till now :(.
so...its really worth a shot :)

just one thing left-"haven't tried footwears till now"

but thanx to these trustworthy sites, i am gonna try them soon. :)
so, thanku snapdeal, flipkart, shopnineteen,jabong, infruit...everyone...

people try and try....there is nothing to loose :)



Well its never easy, but see here i am. I have been away from my blog for so long, can't really remember when i actually wrote 2 posts...