Monday, 6 August 2012

you don't have to be crazy to be my friend....but it surely helps

It is believed that people take resolutions, but the life of resolution is as long as the day is , some of us take new years resolution, some make their birthdays special by coining something as resolution. Inspired by the same, here i take a resolution on the Friendship day, the first sunday of August.

Starting on the serious note, on this auspicious sunday, i decide to kill all my friends, kill them once for all. That is not the end to it, By the black magic (tantr vidhya as showed in the last week's episode of fear files) i will call their spirits to my place as to make them stay with me till i die. 

Because i know they would havel haunted my soul till then and after my death we all will stay here. 

Wow..isn't it amazing...FRIENDS FOREVER

Surprised? Shocked? hahaha, it is not the next episode of fear files or aahat...(Although i know if they see it , they would like to implement it)

Frankly speaking, this is the only definition of FRIENDS FOREVER that makes sense to me. How could two/three or more people stay in contact with each other for their whole lives? Until they are not struck into each-other's lives like gums.  There seems to be no other possibility to see everyone together through out the life.

No matter how your friends are, no wonder what it takes to be someone's friend, to be a real friend , you have to be crazy, crazy in your ideas, crazy in your thoughts, crazy in your efforts and above all Crazy to be their friend

Here I have something to say

Bestfriends is not a label,it is a promise :)
Holding each other’s hand, no matter what happens, sharing your

Happiness, sorrows , joys , laughs ,tears and nearly everything :)

Making fun of each other...but fighting with the whole world for them...

You know can face any....any of the problems in this world if you have even a single good friend...
its not just about calling each day...messaging each hour... sharing stuff...

its more about knowing each other...respecting them...understanding their beliefs...and so much. 


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