Thursday, 9 August 2012

Well,life doesn't work that way i guess...

Coming back from the wild idea of friendship I shared in the last post, to my understanding, a true friendship is the bestest relation in the world, ultimately a family outside home, from a sister to mother, a brother to father. You can have any or a number of these in your friends.

Credits to the good friendship, you simply feel like a queen (King for the boyzzJ ) , you feel like having everything. But what if you do not see the rosy picture , what if you go by the experiences of the people

Over the last couple of days, my heart is on high alert, I am not pretty happy with few of the experiences. I remember sometime back, when i had the similar symptoms. It was the time when i started watching a reality soap on the bindaas channel titled "emotional attyachar".  No wonder, people titled it half baked, some said its scripted, to my honesty, , the show justified its name, to me atleast. I did see all the episodes(barring few) , and with the passage of each , the belief shook a little more.  Such things really happen.
Now, adding to my anxiousness is my latest addition , seeing all the episodes of  "gumraah-end of innocence" hosted by kunal kundra. This might be my first healthy experience with the Balaji telefilms, their only show with something serious.  Whatever the impossibility is, even if I miss on the tv, I see the same on the youtube ( goes to both...the serial and the host...)
The Stories, the incidents,the accidents, the crimes, the mistakes, may be a mix of these, its all enough to mess up your head. Whenever the show starts, they show us the biggest or you can say the worst part, may be just to ensure that our head is like upside down and we are in deep thoughts..."aisa kya hua ki yeh sab???(Why and how did this happen?)  It clearly shows how some emotions- jealousy , anger,frustration,reveange,greed could lead to such disasters..
We are living in an era,where reaching your loved ones is so easy,you don't have to wait for days just to get a letter, you can get almost anything and everything with just a few clicks.
In the same don't have to pull the trigger to kill someone, just hurt them or be their best pals and provide them the stuff. I mean the addictions-alcohol drugs and most important expensive lifestyle...
Life style is changing, its changing with the lightening speed, sometimes I really worry as to how we all are moving forward and what would the next generation be like?

Oh...i was saying something,yes when i seehe beggining,i have two watch not..

Seriously , i mean if i watch it, i get to know wha tis going on in today's world... Ican know about the diffes of people...and the worst nightmares coming true.

So its good, informative and beautifully hosted... hehe
But what to do with all this negativity...i mean...i understood the culprit could anyonom your near and dear ones, relatives,friends..just anyone at what are we supposed to do...keep an eye on everyone? Judging everyone.? Its good to be protective but...oh...

Well,life doesn't work that way i guess...


Love, Jags

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