Saturday, 25 August 2012

The heart knows how I feel to be a father...

That's how you grew up series

My dearest angel,

Lots of love 

today we (me and your mom)got the greatest news of our lives...we are going to be parents are coming to our lives-"OUR SWEET LITTLE ANGEL". Well, this came to us as a surprise,actually truely speaking we were shocked.

We have been married for a year now and soon you will be here,-the sweetest gift of God... Getting all our love, and turning our lives upside down :)

From the moment we got this news,all we can see in this world is- babies and babies.
Those sweet little feet running everywhere...i don't know how God creates those small hands which seems to be the most delicate thing in this World.

We have informed your grandparents,and everyone is so happy...

They are partying and we are so scared. Its a real turning point in our lives. I really think it is .... 
Will we be able to handle all that?? Taking care of you?? "A sweet, little, delicate life, like a flower"

Well, i know your mom will be always...but will i be able to be "THE DAD"??? The father??the head of our small little family???

When i asked papa (your grandfather)  he said- "you will make an amazing father". But will i?? 
Will i be able to fulfill all your requirements??will i be able to protect you from anything and everything that may hurt you?? Will i be able to nourish you??

i don't know, 

but My Baby, there is one thing i am sure about- i love you and your mom very much. And i will try my best to be the bestest DAD in the world...

With lots and lots of love,


P.S.- may be being a girl, i could understand the feelings of a mother in a better way...but i hope have done justice with this one. There are many more to come...

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