Tuesday, 21 August 2012

so what if i love to shop???

Had a super exciting day, and sometimes I really find it unusual that my excitement or the happiness for the day didn't come through place, place or things, it actually came with an activity, a lovable passion, a desire , and above all- a phenomenon. Yes... A crazy phenomenon :)

As my daily food, when I logged into facebook in the morning, the eyes walked straightaway to a pair of beautiful stilettos that appeared on the page.

I may have fallen in love at the first glance,  may be that's why the only thing I started was googling(sorry surfing). I wonder if the google had a pain killer today for being so glued into my love, for  my continuous search for the variety...
well, frankly speaking i am not like that each day,there are some days when i see something , i like it, i admire it...and i forget about it. Although  there are also the days when I am happier to eat google's head for hours and hours, for searching different stuff across the online stores and then to take a genuine feedback from the buyers.

The road to my craze doesn't end with the selection of stuffs, it actually starts from here to nowhere :):)

i order them...I pay for it. And once this is done, the mind starts its interrogation... It is the inquisitiveness
-What if the size is wrong??
-what if i haven't given the right address?
-have i paid too much??
may be i could get them for some little less amount offline..or at someother store.

Fighting all the odds, answering almost all difficulties, comes the day when the courier boy knocks our door and he has a good looking packet in his hand.

I take it from him, not even bothering to sign the docket properly, i speed to my room, closing the door,  opening the pack... And then finally setting things to try them

i try them on... get 100% satisfied, i go out...show them off to everyone coming in my way... I realize that all the worries during the process have already disappeared somewhere and i am on the seventh heaven :)so isn't it worth spending a few grand...??

there are times when i go to store to buy some stuff and i end up buying the stuff that i have never heard about before,...so what? you want to know how will i use them...ask me...i will give an explanation that you haven't ever heard.
people shop when needed and i shop when i like something...

i go to a store and i take a tour of all the things they have...i love trying new stuff...after all life is the other name for change.

after filling my basket...i think about what i can afford...and at some rare times when i don't have much,then anyone near me can sense my heart break...

 what if i am broke?
what if i lost my job?
what if i can live without the stuff?

still i will shop.

i am thankful to the new technology...but please please someone block these sites from my screen...i know i can afford, still i can't buy...there's so much i need to save for...block them...block them...please someone block them.

i am saving for my future...where i can live my life independently...where i can pay for anything i may need...and then i saw this board...


and here i am, buying stuff again...now it costs less, so why shouldn't i get the varierty... one more- one more...yeah i can afford one more.

coming back home, with bags in my hand...

i feel so good...
happy and satisfied with myself...
lets be happy today....when tomorrow will come, it will also be a present.

so here i am saving a little-little amount...for a future...that i am doubtful about..
but i don't care

atleast i am sure that i am happy today...

no matter how many day goes,no wonder how do i react to people, have i enjoyed my day in shopping, i feel i have lived the day
so what if i love to shop???

-Love, jags

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