Monday, 13 August 2012

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Life gets better with technology, that is what was taught to us in essays of school :-P. Obviously with the growing age , things started appearing better, it may have started from radio things to the 3D era today, but sometimes to me, the favourite offering from the technology menu is - My very own internet.

Yes, Internet has made our lives much-much-much easier... For the sundry, it may be a necessity, but to me it appears an appetite. Well , living in a small city, kind of feels frustrating sometimes when you cannot do what you like to - you may not be able to buy the goodies , the hip hop casuals and above all- all the hot things on stands.

There was a time, when despite having internet and access to it, I lived a different life.
i still remember the first novel i read-"Five point someone"
i loved it...and it was worth it...have read it continuously for around 12 started i just couldn't put it down..
finally when i finshed, i was like-wow...this reading thing is amazing...and then...the amazing period of my life started...i was in hostel and every Wednesday we hostlers were allowed an the city...there,i could easily buy the novels...and i was the happiest person on this earth.. my consumption was increasing with each passing day...
and then a time came when i just can't live without having a new novel in my backpack...and seriously i was so damn lucky...because my room-mate was equally crazy when it came to novels...
i still remeber my fourth sem exams...when i had my exam the next day...and i was reading Dan Brown's- "The Deception Point".
we had some unsaid pact that we will study for the subject and when half done...we can read a few pages...and then after other was like a drug :P
a medicine...we feel so refreshed...
sometimes i hated the fact that i couldn't get novels at my city...and then one day while returning home at the bus stand...i saw this guy selling novels...the paper wasn't that good, but it was printed...lolz
and then it was my buy a novel each Monday novel for every week...
i still doubt how i have cleared my 45 exams....+ sessionals (okay half of them) +tests (atleast those in which i have appeared)
well,yes at least a little credit goes to Sir Dan was just because of him that i understood the concept of encryption even better than my lecturer.
soon college ended and i was back to my place...and the novel guy was i don't know where...

Came the internet revolution of my life, one day i tried this online shopping thing...( seems like i am advertising for some bank's services, but it was all true)
and then it all actually brought a revolution to my book love, it got better and better

Coming back to the novels, that is actually I started with. Sometimes the hostel brings a wave of nostalgia in your mind, you just want to talk much about it. 
yes...i was narrating the inspiration of  "FIVE POINT SOMEONE", After it, when i came to know about the other books written by Chetan Bhagat...i read them...firstly "One night At A Call Center", "Two States" and then "Three Mistakes Of My Life"
after reading these, i was like- "What the hell this person think of himself...there are so many people in this world who write much better than him...and the thing i find the most irritating was-the creepy stuff he added."
okay these were just a pages or two...but why there's a need to add that?
and so as a revenge i never read his other book-"Revolution 2020" 
i know that's weird... but its me :P
i mean...okay it was cool...the lifestyle he has mentioned...was pretty great...but does all this really happen??is it least possible? all the people of our generation buying his novels..reading them...and there was nothing to learn.
But the guy made me change the perception, he made me rethink about the steriotyping I did for him.. Some time back, while searching for the next part of Amanda Hocking's "TORN" , i saw...aaah the guy has written a new book-"What young India wants"
and i was like- "Lets see what the guy got to say this time"
and then reading the very first page...i was like...ah...ok he is good...
"Why do i write about national issues? why should a popular fiction novelist comment on society and current events? What right do i have to think that i can and should give my take on issues facing the country? After all i write stories about people making out in confined spaces, or drinking vodka on the terrace,or falling in love. can a person who works with Bollywood filmmakers ever be a meaningful voice on the nation's burning issues?"

This was the one side of popularity nd its judicious use, now comes the bollywood that makes family entertainers, just by condition that all family members have to see the movie separately
.have just seen the pooja bhatt's new movie-"Jism 2".
and i was like- "yeh kya tha?"(what was this?)
i would like to say...pooja if this was what you wanted to picturize... why do you even bother to find a story ?
and(atleast you knew that, i am sure thats the reason behind such awful dialogues")
Well, with the kind of entertainment the television offers today, the kind of movies coming in, I see internet as the only source of pooled entertainment, from blogging, to surfing to socializing, to networking to shopping, its a complete package... Seriously, its the best thing in place now...


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