Friday, 10 August 2012

one more reason-"why i am thankful to God :) "

people say-a friend in need is a friend indeed...

According to my dear friend GOOGLE-

Origin of this proverb-

"A version of this proverb was known by the 3rd century BC. Quintus Ennius wrote: 'Amicu certus in re incerta cernitur'. This translates from the Latin as 'a sure friend is known when in difficulty'."


and like every other normal person i have always known and understood this phrase but never really applied in my life... there are some people in our lives whom we love,for whom we care...and there are several people who care for us,love us,adore us...
and most of the times we REALLY don't know their worth...or even if we know we never show them.

i too have a friend...a real one...
truly speaking he was my sister's friend...and really-really a super intelligent,understanding and an amazing person...
i have had so many friends in my life...but he will always have his special position... well he is a brother,a friend,a guide...huh...aur pta ni kya kya. :)
i still remember the day when i first talked to him...i was so damn afraid...because firstly i was a little shy and secondly he was super-duper intelligent...and i used to think intelligent people are like aliens for me.
but he was really a nice person...

the guy has helped each and every phase of my life since past two years(or even more,i seriously don't remember)...and not only me...but my whole family.
well,i have told in my last post -how i started this blog...
and seriously reading my first two posts you will know...what i was.
i was nothing seriously...and then one day i told him...i love to write...i want my blog to be successful... he started helping me...and since that day,he started editing my posts.

in the starting there were times when after he is done, i was like-"only the meaning is same..words are totally changed"

and then with time, things have changed drastically...

after writing  34 posts...when i wrote my 35th one...i asked him to check...
and i got this message-
" Hats off writer ,couldn't resist to read it till the end. you have correlated it so well. from women empowerment prize to the day. i loved it. not saying to make you feel good,get it evaluated anywhere,people would love it. moreover this post will not require any of the additions from my side,this is piously yours :) and just post it. (if possible work on (...) thing)"

i guess there is no need for me to tell how happy i teacher is happy with my is like today i got 1st rank :) FINALLY :P

 thank you ANKIT SIR...thanx alot...for everything
i can't even remember all the reasons :)
you are an amazing person :)
a terrific friend...
an honest guide...
there so much i can learn from you.


-Jagriti Gulati

 P.S.- no matter what... i am not going to do anything about "..." thing ;P


  1. if I were to sum up this post I wud say- I am overwhelmed, blessed , fortunate and above all- happiest...
    Well,I have read each word of the post, may be that's why I just couldn't understand as to how special I should be feeling about it... I just couldn't think of the reason that has made me feel special- is it that you have written something that attributes good about me or is it because I have a family additional to mine that has always been with me. I may be 10% to whatsoever praise you have put in place, but I am sure of the 100 times additional support that I have always been getting out of you... I have always been fortunate to have done everything which is jst nrml, jst simply my duty to have done so. It feels special and really special to have read this... As they say- you assess other people as you are , not by what they are.. I have a reason to be called special and that reason is the eye , belief, trust, faith, honesty, integrity of the writer who has called me special. Thank you so so so so much for this masterpiece...there's a long way to go, going forward, I want to buy a novel that says' written by Jags'

  2. Coming back to the same, its incredibly special... For different reasons , not just one...actually if you go by this post, at one point of time, you would understand that it was not me who has tried to do something different, it has been you people who have been so receptive.. I can see that trust you have shown in me and for reasons best known to you.. I know I have made mistakes , in many decisions, but you ppl hav never made me count them, no wonder they were so many...

  3. I still remember all those occasions when despite being wrong my advises have been unanimously accepted. Remember the ranking thing of today.

  4. hehe...last few lines of the first comment... if u promise me that you will edit ma novel...then i can promise you for dat... n in dat case u wnt hav 2 buy will b FREE FREE FREE

    n it will be written by-JAGRITI GULATI
    (no matter how cool jags is ;P i still love my real name, my parent's choice is much-much better than mine)

  5. hmm... because i know this thing very well that "to err is human"(aisa hi kuch hota h i guess)

    the most important thing is can never even think bad for us...and not only us...anyone

    so feel free to make mistakes :)

  6. hahahhaha.... i agree on the name thing....and yes i will like to edit.... get ready to write...

  7. hope to build on that trust...



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