Monday, 13 August 2012

Oh my God... why so?

Well, I am no Janice from Friends( If you have been a viewer to Friends, you would just LOL ). I am not trying to be her , I am just trying to count the numbers , no wonder they mean less to me, I mean age doesn’t trouble my peace, but the only thing I am apprehensive about is – I AM A GROWN UP… L  Age is just a number, but when the people around ( The family and siblings) voice about me being a grown up, I am like “ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

Let me share some challenges that my mind has taken up over these days:

-         You have finished your college and now you are working, why don’t you get serious about the perfect matches we see for the rest of my life? – Dad
-         You have pretty much enjoyed everything coming your way in school, college and during job, why don’t look make a glance at the kitchen and see how the things work? – Mom
-         She is now a graduate, she has started earning too, we think , this is the right age and time for her to get married? I have some good nerds in my mind? – My ever irksome relatives: 0 .  Aaaahhhhhhh
      no wonder whatever my parents say, but when these relatives poke in their nose, all my concentration in the kitchen goes towards the knife, may be to see how good and sharp the knife can be (pj I know)

Forget , my mind needs a break… I love saying that its my life...i want to live it my way...but that's true when i know my parents and my siblings are behind me...supporting me when i doubt i make enough to pay for my expenses but i still take pocket money...i don't like spending money i have i just gave them to my parents...and am so happy with the money they gave me...the amount they think i must get...not because i think i owe them something but because i know it very well that if i have my salary in my won't take me even a week to spend all of it...

i mean even talking about the kitchen stuff...okay...i am fine with cooking...but HOW THE HELL COULD I DECIDE WHAT AND HOW MUCH TO BE BOUGHT???????

isn't it great when some people (say our parents) are responsible for us :)
so what if i have shopped much this month...they are paying :P

i can't imagine myself doing all that stuff my mom-dad are doing...(Raising devils like us ? Lol :P) and the most important thing-"HOW THEY EVEN EXPECT THAT FROM ME?"

well at this my parents said-
when it was the time to choose a  said... "I HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT, I WILL DECIDE" when it’s about clothes- "I AM COMFORTABLE IN THESE, I WILL TAKE THESE"

Isn't it difficult to live with someone else's parents...?  yeah I know the conventional answer as to marriage is a bond and we have to be a part of it… CRAP it is …

On the lighter side, I may be happy to think all around, but how would the life go if I have to live with a family , I am never close to , to a place where everyone is as new as a trespasser. The money thing may always be solved(Even in the recession times I could make some poundsJ) but living life...when you know your parents are not close enough to rescue you each time... living without that rescue shield which was wrapped around you even before your birth...


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