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Love Marriage ya arrange marriage

Marriage , since ages, is believed and seen as a bond of love , a bond that is knit on the trust, care, understanding, relationship and probably a complete union of two souls.

Besides being the union of two people, the marriage also associates, relates and make two families know and bond each other, it is believed as a new beginning for the two families also.

while most of our ancestors have not seen the changing dynamics of marriage, but the era od today , the sms generation, classifies this marriage into two sets , may be the two mind sets. With the changing mindsets, the needs of the groom and bride have also witnessed a sea change.he requirements for the groom and bride has changed today....

The advocates of arrange marriage may consider it quite safe in the mutual understanding of two families, their understanding, may be the formation new relations get an easy going, they would always want to see the family, their traditions and then making the bride and groom agree to marry. It might just be a sip of coffee for the two and they decide about their whole life. No wonder, how do they get along, but all the decisions actually fall into place in those few minutes. It is understandable and reasonable to go by the will of parents, to go for the decision everyone is happy about, but somehow in the happy go lucky appearance, the basic issues go unanswered,

Can the two people live together because they happily chat for some time?

Is it important to believe that a son will be as good as his dad or mother is?

Do the success of parents or families come into kids in their DNAs?

Can two families getting along together guarantee a successful marriage?

No matter, the society has always appreciated this practice, no doubt that going by the will of elders is what we are taught. , but the question of being successful sometimes really bothers.

It may be argued that the success of relationship or marriage doesn't depend on the way it is made, it depends on the people who make it, but what I try to stress on is,the love marriages have more onus to keep the relations going

No wonder, there have been equal failures in the love marriage, but the two people in love will always be responsible to drive their relation forward, they would always make people believe that the success or failure of their marriage is actually an incompatability of their beliefs, they take a complete ownership of taking it forward.

The only thing that drives a relation is love itself,so if a relation is based on the same, it will always be beautiful, I would always want to get into a relation where my choice is backed by the experience of my parents.



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